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Skylight and Tension System

Skylight and Tension System


Skylights are not as common as ordinary windows, however they are considered to be a nice addition to any living area, since they fill the rooms with bright natural light, create a feeling of spaciousness and provide an astonishing view of the blue sky. Sometimes people choose to install skylight windows by themselves, however most frequently they buy a new house that already has these unconventional windows installed into the roof. The first impression is always positive. Indeed, having glass openings that bring the outer world into your room is great, however after some time people understand that they do not want their rooms to be brilliantly bright. They want to reduce or even block out the sunlight which comes through skylights and eliminate the harmful UV rays and heat which can turn the room into a greenhouse. Having done some research, you may come to the conclusion that it might be a good idea to control the light and heat that gets into the room through skylights by installing special skylight blinds which can create a unique atmosphere and comfort without any hassle.

Skylight blinds are an excellent solution for regulation of the amount of heat and light that comes into a room at any point of the day. Some rooms require minimal glare protection, while others call for partial or complete sun blockout. There are many different types of skylight blinds in terms of operation and all of them may meet your requirements. However here at InDesign we recommend two conventional options. You can install either remotely controlled or simply speaking motorized blinds, since they provide ease of operation combined with functionality and style, or you can install manually operated skylight shades that are operated with an extension rod or by hand. 

If you are currently thinking about purchasing skylight blinds, you should bear in mind that apart from the operating system there are also many designs and styles of skylight blinds. All of them have their special characteristic features and benefits, therefore it is necessary to get some information first in order to make a good decision. Skylight blinds can be performed in different sizes and with application of different fabrics, colours and textures. Therefore, if you find yourself confused as to which type of blinds you should order, you can call us and arrange an in-house consultation with our specialist who will advise you about current trends and most suitable designs for your house.

Skylight blinds are the solution of all your problems. With a simple press of a button you can turn your hot and excessively bright room into a semi-dark and cool den. If you still hesitate, just read the benefits that you will get once you install skylight blinds in your house:


As we have already said, one of the primary reasons people install not just skylight blinds but also other types of blinds and shades is to reduce the amount of unnecessary light which comes from the outside. This feature might seem unimportant for someone, whose windows are facing the north, however most of Australian houses suffer from excessive light in hot seasons.


Heat is another major factor which forces us to buy shades and blinds for our windows. Skylight windows are known to be quite inconvenient for their ability to warm up the rooms. With skylight blinds you can forget about this inconvenience and enjoy cool midday hours even during hot seasons. The ability to control heat may be useful not only in the summer, but also in the winter, when you need to trap the warm air inside your house. This will undoubtedly cut your energy bills and create comfort in any of your living areas.


For most of us, privacy comes before all other things even before interior décor and convenience. With InDesign skylight blinds you may be sure that your house will become even more private without losing that unique ambience which you have been creating for a long time. inDesign skylight blinds with blackout option will be a perfect solution for bathrooms and other spaces which you would like to hide from unwanted strangers that might peek into your rooms.


InDesign offers a rich variety of styles, shapes and types of skylight blinds. Our made-to-measure blinds will definitely suit your requirements and preferences.


There are many colour palettes which you can choose from. The hues may be either traditional or extravagant, vivid or subdued. We are sure, that each of our clients will be satisfied with the wide range of choices and options. The texture can be also adjusted to your preferences and the overall interior décor of your house.


Finally, it is known that skylight windows let far more sunlight into the rooms than ordinary windows, therefore it is better to think about your wooden furniture, floors and carpets beforehand. Constantly exposed to light they can fade and become a real eyesore. With InDesign skylight blinds you can be sure that none of your furniture or floors will be harmed or destroyed.

Whether you decide to buy skylight blinds to filter the light, save the energy or enhance the interior décor, inDesign will help you to achieve your goals. Our skylight blind collection will help you to transform your ordinary room into something special. With more than one hundred pattern and colour options, you can create the space that will become part of your personality.

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