Plantation Shutters

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Why choose Plantation Shutters?

Plantation Shutters are a smart and elegant treatment for your doors and windows. Custom made for you and your home, they are the perfect addition to any room with benefits extending beyond aesthetics including increased insulation, noise reduction and light control in rooms. We offer a wide range of interior window shutters, combining experience with the best quality products available on the market to provide you with a unique service.

To offer a perfect fit every time, all of our shutters are made to measure and designed specifically to your preference. No matter the room, design specification or shape and size of window, we are sure to have something for you.

Shutters are a fantastic window dressing solution for any room, offering the extra homely feel you’re looking for no matter the time of year as they’re incredibly versatile and compliment both a traditional or contemporary design style.

Full height shutters

Giving you complete privacy, full height shutters have a clean, elegant look with panels that cover your window from top to bottom.
Full height shutters are our most popular style due to their iconic look, versatile nature and robust design. Suitable throughout the home, this iconic shutter covers the full height of the window and is framed around the panels allowing for consistent use throughout and offering a reliable model and style to your design.

Why we love full height shutters?

  • Choose from a range of wood stain or painted shades, including custom colours
  • Waterproof options available for kitchens and bathrooms
  • Louvres in the top and bottom sections can move together or independently
  • Choose plantation shutters with louvres or solid shutters
  • Cost-effective sophisticated style
  • Suit all window styles and shapes
  • Most versatile shutter style

Shaped shutters

Perfect for transforming arched, triangular, circular or small windows, we can make and fit shutters to any size or shape with our made to measure service. Our shaped shutters come in all colour options, from natural wood stains to custom colours.

Benefits of shaped shutters

  • Light and privacy control for small or unusually shaped windows
  • Completely customisable for almost all non-standard windows
  • Waterproof options for kitchens or bathrooms
  • A cost effective, sophisticated solution for any window

Things to consider

  • Some shapes will require fixed shutter panels that do not fully open. Your specialist advisor will complete a technical survey of your window and talk you through how these may work.

Benefits of Plantation Shutters






Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are loved for their refined style and mechanical functionality.
Although the name may imply some connection with the South, these top-grade window accessories have been already in use all over the world for many centuries.
The aesthetic elegance of plantation shutters has made them a good alternative to blinds and curtains and if you choose to install them, you will soon realize how much warmer and cosier your house has become.

inDesign shutters are usually made of natural materials such as basswood or cedar as well as composite materials such as PVC (plasticised polyvinyl chloride).
Each of these materials has its own individualities and characteristic features, therefore it is worth to consider them separately.

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