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What are Roman Blinds?

Roman blinds, are one of the most stylish ways to dress up a window. They can be used as a standalone window treatment fitted outside the window or fitted inside the window recess and combined with roller blinds and pelmets for a layered look.
Roman blinds can be made by combining any fabrics of your choice or from a wide range of colours and styles available. For a more traditional feel, roman blinds are perfect as they will also give you that elegant look.

Roman blinds are usually made of textile fabrics therefore their look will especially appeal to those customers who value traditional design and want to create a warm atmosphere inside their houses. Roman blinds look great both on large and small windows. This accessory is truly universal since there is a large number of options to choose from.
Made-to-measure Roman blinds are made to fit your windows exactly, for a sleek, tailored finish. Your local advisor can help with everything from choosing fabrics to adding performance linings and decorative fringing, plus they’ll take care of measuring and fitting.

What kind of features are available with Roman window blinds?

Custom window coverings can be upgraded in more ways than just color and style. Here are just a few options that are available with roman shades:

  • Cordless Lift: This popular option provides a hidden control system that eliminates the lift cord on your roman shades and enables the shades to be easily raised or lowered with the touch of a finger.
  • Continuous Cord Loop Controls: This option means the cords on your roman blinds will be secured to wall or window frame, meaning your blinds will have fewer cords on display. A great choice for larger/heavier blinds.
  • Hobbled Fold: In addition to the standard plain flat fold, you can choose to upgrade to a hobbled fold on many roman blinds. This means that when the shade is fully extended, it will retain the soft folds or “loops” for a more traditional look.
  • Motorized Lift: With a motorized lift upgrade, your roman blinds can be raised or lowered at the push of a button.

What we say about Roman blinds?

Great for…

  • Creating a fuller, more luxurious look with interlining
  • Reducing light in bedrooms with blackout linings
  • Pairing with curtains for added warmth and style

Things to consider

  • When pulled up, the fabric will hang in folds at the top of your window.
  • Roman blinds are made from one piece of fabric, so they can’t be shaped around sloping or unusual shaped windows.
  • For sloped or shaped windows, we’d recommend shutters, vertical blinds or curtains

Benefits of Roman Blinds

  • Traditional style with contemporary features

  • Tailor made to fit any type of windows

  • Different types of fabrics

  • Block out the sunlight

  • Easy maintenance and excellent durability

How to clean roman blinds?

Keep your Roman blind looking clean and fresh with our “how to…” cleaning guide. Discover the best and simplest methods for regular cleaning and get expert advice on effective stain removal.

Roman blinds look beautiful at your window and are most suitable for rooms with light usage such as bedrooms, hallways, living rooms and dining areas, where you want to incorporate your window dressing into your interior design scheme.

They’re also easy to maintain with light, regular cleaning, without the need to take them down from your windows.

  1. Lightly vacuum the blind to remove dust and debris.
  2. Treat any stains on your Roman blinds.

Professional cleaning

We do not recommend machine washing any of our Roman blinds. However, many of our fabrics are dry clean only. Look out for the dry clean symbol on our fabric swatches, but do always check with your local dry cleaning company before taking your blinds down.

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