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What are Panel Blinds?

One of the latest additions to our beautiful blind ranges, contemporary panel blinds are sure to make a huge style impact on your home! Panel blinds are a variation on the traditional vertical blinds, with wide fabric panels that slide smoothly across on a subtle headrail. The size of the panels make them an ideal solution for large windows, patios and bi-fold doors. These blinds provide an advantage for large windows which are located for premium sunlight, such as conservatories, as they can be drawn to either side of the window just like a set of curtains. This allows for complete control over privacy, light and glare whilst maintaining the perfect view.

The main advantage of using this type of blind is the ability to control light in larger window spaces, maintaining privacy and reducing sun glare. As large windows typically tend to be located in areas where people enjoy the sun – patios and conservatories, for instance – the blinds are an excellent choice, allowing owners to draw them either side of the window, much like curtains.

  • Contemporary alternative to vertical blinds
  • Glide effortlessly on wheel carrier track
  • Simple, clean, uniform appearance
  • Best on large windows, sliding/patio doors
  • Use as a ceiling mounted room divider

Panel Blinds a Stunning Alternative to Doors & Walls

Panel blinds can also be used as a stunning room divider. This can be used to great effect in redefining space or acting as a diving wall within a contemporary home. They are often used to separate off shelving or cupboard space which may otherwise clutter a room, for example. In the past, customers have also used them to divide children’s bedrooms, where children must share a room, to give each some extra privacy. If space is at a premium, panel blinds is an option you should consider. They can act as fabric doors to cover wardrobes or a set of shelves. Panel blinds offer endless versatility options.

Made to Measure Panel Blinds

When these blinds are closed they create a stunning fabric screen for light and privacy control. However when they’re open, the panels of these blinds stack neatly behind one another allowing for maximum light to enter your living space. They are a very contemporary, unique way to dress a window, and add real beauty to a room. Our previous customers have commented that their guests notice and compliment the blinds.

Where to fit panel blinds in the home?

Panel blinds work best on patio doors, bi-folds and any large window space. They can also be used to enhance and utilise your space as a room divider. They’re that versatile, they can even be used as wardrobe doors.

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Panel Blinds-internal

Panel blinds are the newest and one of the most demanded and popular blinds in Melbourne.
They consist of several fabric panels which are fitted into a special track system.
The panels stack behind each other when the blind is retracted and glide to form a continuous covering when the blind is extended.
Panel blinds can be perfect for practically all types of windows because they offer elegant and smooth shading without any unnecessary details.
If you are looking for a minimalistic design combined with an effective way to control the sunlight, then you should definitely consider panel blinds.

inDesign panel blinds are a contemporary and ground-breaking shading solution for large windows and sliding doors that offers excellent protection from the sun as well as privacy from the outer world.
Basically, panel blinds can be regarded as an advancement from older vertical blinds and have been around for quite some time to gain popularity among Australian customers.

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