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What are Venetian Blinds?

Venetian blinds are classic window treatments that have been in use for many centuries. Their sophisticated and simple design makes them a great accessory to any window and will help you to achieve maximum privacy and comfort inside any room. Venetian blind is a shading system that consists of horizontal slats and is used to cover your windows. All slats can be moved either up and down or around their axes to get optimum amount of sunlight and privacy.

Indoor Venetian blinds are one of the trendiest shading solutions in Australia since they are extremely convenient and can provide lots of benefits from control of light to improvement of decor. If you are looking for elegant shades which are simple in design and can offer many useful features, then Venetian blinds by inDesign Blinds may be the best way to go.


Our Venetian blinds are made-to-measure to fit your windows perfectly. Choose your preferred finish and slat width and we’ll create bespoke blinds that’re completely unique to you.

Venetian blinds at a glance:

  • Slats available in a choice of widths to suit a range of window sizes
  • Metallic finish helps to enhance light levels
  • Choose for flexible light control and privacy
  • Matt, gloss and luxury metallic finishes for a contemporary look
  • No drill solution for uPVC windows

What we say about Venetian blinds?

Great benefits…

  • Controlling light and privacy with adjustable slats
  • Kitchens and bathrooms, thanks to their wipe clean finish
  • Creating any look with a huge range of colours, finishes and slat widths
  • Versatile, budget friendly option

Things to consider

  • When pulled up, the blind will be stacked at the top of your window. Choosing wider slats will help minimise this

Benefits of Venetian Blinds-internal

  • Easily configurable to suit any design

  • Ideal quality-price ratio

  • Great variety of materials and styles

  • Easy maintenance and excellent durability

  • Control over the privacy and light levels

Why choose aluminium Venetian blinds?

Venetian blinds consist of horizontal metal slats held together by cords. The slats either lie flat against the window to block out light, or tilt to let it gently filter through. When pulled right up, the slats create a slim profile that leaves your window free. Venetian blinds are available in a selection of colours and finishes allowing you to create an individual look. If you have uPVC windows or sliding glass doors, they can fit inside Perfect Fit frames, which eliminate the need for cords.

Aluminium venetian blinds are a very popular choice for kitchens as the blind can be wiped clean, can handle any amount of moisture and looks fantastic all at the same time. This also makes them the perfect blinds for bathrooms.

As well as being moisture resistant, metal venetian blinds allow you to perfectly control the amount of light entering the room by raising or lowering the blind to the required position but also by tilting the horizontal slats to the required position. When not in use, the slats pack into a very tight stack at the top of the window so as to hardly compromise your window view.

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