InDesign Blinds Melbourne, Sydney, Australia


inDesign Blinds
Melbourne, Australia

Contact us on +61 414 958 437 for a No Obligation consultation and a Free Quote, with top quality production and installation, makes choosing your new blinds a pleasant experience.
Our reputation is built on quality, innovation and customer service.

inDesign Blinds has been operation for over 15 years and we have experience in manufacturing high quality Blinds at competitive prices. We source the best fabrics, components and the most experienced staff to provide you with the best in quality blinds in Australia. All our blinds are hand made and styled to meet your individual taste, and are manufactured locally in Australia with very strict quality guidelines and procedures.

We can guide you through the process of Measuring, selecting and installing your blinds with videos and instruction manuals. This process makes our products available to you 24/7 and accessible from anywhere.

You simply watch the “How To Videos” and download our instruction manuals, select the blinds you would want installed and we will deliver them right to your doorstep.

inDesign Blinds Melbourne, Australia
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indesignblinds Panel blinds
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  • Expert Advice & Quality Workmanship
    Our consultants and fitters are fully  trained and highly experienced, we have been installing blinds in Melbourne for over 6 years.
  • Tailor designs suited to your décor and budget
    We cater to a luxury finished custom blinds. Or if you are simply looking to freshen up your home or office inDesign consultants can tailor a package to suit your budget. We can install and fit blinds to most offices in Melbourne, we also work with body corporates to create uniformed themes.
  • We arrive on time
    When we make an appointment we keep it with precision, our consultants will not keep you waiting. Our appointments are built around your schedule.
  • Wide range of blind fabrics, colours & component options
    With over 600 different options sourced from quality Australian, German and Swiss suppliers you are sure to find a suitable option. Be sure to keep an eye out for our screen fabric and blackout fabric
  • Personal Service & Consultation
    Consultations and quotes are completely obligation free. The consultant that measures and quotes for you can also install your blinds, so that your requirements are met.
  • Quality Professional Installation
    Do it yourself blind kits can often lead to stress and reduce the life of the blind, exacting installation by a professional fitter is important as this extends the life and allows proper operation of the blind.
  • Fast turnaround time
    Our fabrics are ordered direct from the manufactures, there is no middle man involved, this provides a faster delivery turnaround for our customers.
  • All Suburbs
    inDesign caters to all Metro and outer suburbs of Melbourne, we can fit any office regardless of how big it is and any apartment building. (We work hand in hand with architects and builders to insure our customers get what they desire.)
  • Excellent after Sale Service, Training & Support
    To extend the life and maximise the performance of your blinds inDesign will educate you on how to operate and clean your blinds.

OK, SO WHY inDesign Blinds?

Well, lots of reasons, but most importantly because…

Blinds and shades

are one of the most important elements in the interior of modern offices and residential buildings. They are used to cover windows and doorways as well as to create partitions and niches inside a room. Blinds and shades are much more versatile and universal in application than curtains since they can be manufactured in different shapes, designs and colours. This feature became the reason for their popularity and demand among designers and other customers alike.
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indesignblinds Roller blinds

inDesign offers

you to choose high-quality window and door treatments from a wide range of options that are available in our online catalogue. We produce and install blinds and shades regardless of the type and structure of the building. We specialize in industrial, commercial and residential solutions that will suit your needs and requirements. Our products are assembled only of durable and reliable materials from the best suppliers on the market.

InDesign shading treatments

are perfect for regulation of sunlight and protection against the UV rays. They are much more efficient in comparison with ordinary curtains since they allow for circulation of fresh air and at the same time can block the light to different extents. Moreover, with our blinds and shades you will enjoy privacy which is very important for relaxation and rest. Finally, inDesign products will add sophistication and elegance to your rooms so that you will be able to create a modern design of your dreams.
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As a company,

we are proud of a long track record of satisfied customers and positive testimonials in Australia. Our formula for success is a dedicated team of specialists that have unparalleled experience in designing and installation of window and door treatments, the best materials currently available on the market and inexhaustible enthusiasm which always accompanies our work. We look forward to hearing from you and hope that you will find our products suitable for your future projects.