Dual Roller Blinds

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What are Dual Roller Blinds?

Double roller blinds, also known as dual roller blinds, are special types of window coverings which combine two fabrics on the same window with the help of a double bracket system. These blinds are therefore very beneficial since they are capable of doing two jobs for the same price.
You can combine translucent fabrics and blackout fabrics in the same structure and get even better control over light which comes through your windows and an extra layer of insulation for your home.

Double roller blinds are ideal for any time. During the day they can be used to create a soft diffused light and at night they can provide you with complete privacy and darkness.
Blackout roller blinds can be used to efficiently regulate heat and glare. They can also enhance your rooms by adding a stylish and smooth appearance to your home.

  • Two fabrics provide two purposes
  • The ultimate in versatile light control
  • A choice of privacy options
  • Top quality fabrics
  • Strong aluminium roller tubes
  • Top quality internal components
  • Easy to fit and operate

One Product, Two Solutions

This innovative product allows you to have two blinds of different opacities in the same window, secured with a single bracket that allows them to be operated individually.

Throughout the day as the light entering your room changes, so do your needs from your window blind.

First thing in the morning… you might want to enjoy the early sunshine and view from your window and so your blind will be completely rolled up.

In the afternoon… the sunlight becomes too harsh. You don’t want to block out all the natural light or your view of the outside world, so you roll down just the sheer or sunscreen blind to prevent glare, protect your belongings from harmful UV rays and give yourself a little more privacy.

As the day moves into evening… you want a relaxing, cosy environment to relax in and so you then roll down the blackout blind. This gives you complete privacy and blocks outside light such as street lamps from spoiling your serene environment.

Motorized Dual Roller Blinds

Especially in a commercial setting, motorization provides the most convenient and trouble-free operation of dual roller blinds. Motorized Dual Roller blinds can be installed in a site-built pocket with a flap and hanger, and virtually disappear into the ceiling. Motorization also prevents fabric over-handling in a commercial setting, preserving the appearance of the fabric for years to come.

Solar blind and blackout blind in one product

Many rooms need to serve dual purposes – Dual Roller Blinds are designed to provide total lighting control for:

  • Conference Rooms
  • Hotel Rooms
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Schools and auditoriums
  • Home Theaters
  • any room that requires the elimination of light through windows.

Benefits of Dual Roller Blinds






Made to Measure Double Roller Blinds

Each blind is controlled by its own chain which is secured to the wall with a child safety device which also keeps it from hanging loosely and in the way. The chain for the top front blind is on the right side of the blind and the chain for the lower back blind has the chain on the left-hand side, keeping them separate and easy to operate.

The blinds are mounted on a single, metal bracket that allows you to mount two blinds to it.

The fabrics are colour matched between, however due to difference in opacity the colour may appear slightly different. The dimout fabric is ideal for preventing glare on screens or reducing the light levels during the day, whilst a blackout fabric will cast a room into total darkness, creating an environment conducive to a restful night’s sleep.

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