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Introduction to Basswood Shutters

Basswood is our most versatile hardwood used within our shutters. Whether painted or stained, engineered Basswood is the experts and choice. Basswood shutters are generally regarded as the best material along with Cedar for interior wooden shutters.

Basswood is a lightweight hardwood, with a pale and straight grain which makes it perfect for staining plus is resistant to warping. Basswood is made with solid wood louvres, an engineered non-twist core on the side stiles and Basswood fixing frames. As a solid wood product, it offers excellent value for money with fantastic build quality.

Where to use Basswood Shutters?

Basswood shutters are well suited to areas where extra durability is required either around the home or for commercial premises. This range can be made to your special requirements with different thickness stiles and rails or even louvers.

Basswood Shutter Styles Available

Solid Based and Solid Shutters

Louvred above, solid panels below. An elegant, practical and timeless solution. Our solid shutters are the ultimate, traditional shutter providing an old fashioned look to a window and the added perception of security. Available in three different styles including shaker

Cafe Style

Ideal for ground level windows and town houses. Café style leaves the top of the window un-shuttered, using shutters for the bottom part. This style maximises light whilst providing privacy

Full Height

Our most popular shutter offers endless variations including different blade widths, single or multiple control rods, or custom shapes.

Shaped and Irregular

Even the most unusual window shutter shapes can be catered for. We have extensive experience in supplying bespoke interior shutters for radius, arched or angled windows and doors. Due to their bespoke nature special shaped shutters can only be manufactured in hardwood.

Bay Windows

A quintessential British window styling that until the introduction of internal plantation shutters was limited in the way it could be dressed. We can offer the best window dressing solutions for bays, providing the flexibility to show off your feature to the full.

Tier on Tier

Independent panels top and bottom give greater adjustability to make the most of the light, the view or provide you with privacy

Benefits of Basswood Shutters







Basswood is considered as one of the most efficient types of timber for internal shutters, thus, there is no wonder that basswood shutters are so popular in Australia. Basswood comes from the tilia family and is also known as linden. Linden trees usually have thick and strong trunks and uniform grain which makes this type of tree ideal for internal shading.
Basswood is also very unlikely to bleed or produce resin that can spoil the finish of the timber, for example painting, coating or staining.
Thus, it becomes clear that basswood shutters by inDesign Blinds will be a perfect solution for your home in terms of style, decoration and light control.

Our basswood shutters are made to measure which means that each customer will be approached individually.
We can create a unique design based on your specifications and requirements and make your living space pleasant and appealing.
Furthermore, the great selection of styles will make it easy for you to enhance the decor or even create a new theme in your house which will certainly receive approval of your guests.

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