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Louvres can used in all types of buildings, from technical cabins and hospitals to factory buildings. Louvres ensure that fresh air can enter from outside and polluted or overheated indoor air can be discharged. Louvres are frequently used in the residential sector as the exterior finishing for a extraction hood, airing cupboard or a home air-extractor fan.

Louvres offer great added value as ventilative cooling (night cooling) to avoid overheating in a building. This means they are essential for keeping buildings functional and liveable.

Specifying a louvre system is a compromise between airflow and water ingress. A poor specification can lead to rainwater ingress, not enough ventilation, wasted energy and poor performance, not only of the equipment being ventilated but that of the building as a whole.

Louvre Specification

Storm resistant, or performance, louvres, typically provide moderate to good airflow with excellent defence against wind-driven rain. These are used when high levels of ventilation and maximum rain protection are needed for sensitive equipment.
Screening louvres are suitable where water penetration will not cause significant problems and economy is the primary consideration, such as screening of rooftop plant or in a multi-storey car park. These typically have simple blade shapes, allowing good airflow, but giving limited defence against rain.

Which louvre is suitable for your application?

Louvres come in many different varieties. Your preferred method of installation, and the levels of air-permeability and water-repellency are just a few of the factors which will determine your choice of louvres. inDesign Blinds also has an appropriate solution where you have special requirements, such as burglar resistance or noise absorption.

Benefits of Louvres






Sunbreaker & Windbreaker Systems

There are many types of blinds and shades and all of them have their advantages and disadvantages, however, when it comes to shading of large glazed façades Sunbreaker and Windbreaker systems appear to be truly irreplaceable.
Both systems resemble external venetian blinds, yet they are much larger in size and possess many unique features which allow to create comfort and protect business premises, industrial facilities or residential areas from annoying sun, wind and other weather elements.
Sunbreaker and Windbreaker systems allow to accentuate the exterior design and at the same time achieve extra thermal insulation for better climate inside the building.

Our aluminium systems are a practical shading solution with such features as light weight, resistance to corrosion, ability to absorb sounds and shock, thermal conductivity and high strength.
All these properties combined with made-to-measure approach make Sunbreaker and Windbreaker systems leaders of the building and architectural design markets.

indesignblinds External Aluminium Louvresindesignblinds External Aluminium Louvres

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