Zebra Blinds

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What are Zebra Blinds?

Both stylish and functional Zebra blinds offer the ultimate solution in comfort and control when it comes to lighting and privacy. They look much like Roller blinds, but instead of one panel of fabric, Zebra blinds have alternating sheer and opaque fabric panels allowing you to choose whether to let more light in or block it out. They’re also a great option for saving on your energy bills. The versatility means you can adjust the temperature of a room simply by using natural sunlight instead of cranking up the heater or using electricity.

A smart and easy to operate solution for any home, Zebra blinds combine moveable sheer and opaque panels to give you greater flexibility over light and privacy. Choose from fabrics in vibrant and neutral colourways for a striking and modern look at your windows.

What we say about Zebra blinds?

Great for…

  • Any style and budget
  • Creating a soft and contemporary look while providing privacy and light control
  • Maintaining privacy – translucent fabric panels allow light in, but help keep prying eyes out
  • Controlling light – slide the panels open to let in light, or slide closed to reduce light coming in
  • Contemporary spaces, with motorised options available – control your blinds via remote control

What kind of features are available with Zebra blinds?

Custom window coverings can be upgraded in more ways than just color and style. Here are just a few options that are available with Zebra blinds:

  • Cordless Lift: This popular option provides a hidden control system that eliminates the lift cord on zebra blinds and enables the blinds to be easily raised or lowered with the touch of a finger.
  • Continuous Cord Loop Controls: This option means the cords on zebra blinds will be secured to wall or window frame, meaning your shades will have fewer cords on display. A great choice for larger/heavier shades.
  • Motorized Lift: With a motorized lift upgrade, zebra blinds can be raised or lowered at the push of a button.

Benefits of Zebra Blinds






About Zebra blinds

Zebra blinds are one of the latest innovations among the shading solutions that are offered by our company.
If you look at the structure of these blinds, you may notice that they are very similar to roller blinds.
However, they have one unique feature which makes them stand out among other types of window coverings.

Zebra blinds are made of one continuous piece of fabric that combines translucent sunscreen and solid blackout strips so that when the first strips overlap the light comes in and when the latter strips overlap the light is blocked.
This window treatment is perfect for its affordable cost, appealing design and diverse light filtering options.
If you buy these amazing blinds, you will see that they offer both sophistication and efficiency which are great for practically any room in your house.

Zebra blinds are the perfect choice for many rooms and styles. Here’s why:

  • A beautiful and unique window treatment, zebra blinds provide a modern look by offering both sheer and privacy fabrics in the same shade to create an attractive zebra-like pattern.
  • Zebra blinds are made from one piece of fabric with alternating translucent and light-filtering material stripes. When raised, the fabric is concealed within the sleek, cassette headrail, providing an unobstructed view. When closed, these zebra blinds will gently diffuse the light into your room and provide moderate privacy.
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