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Skylights provide rooms with a brighter, more open and airy feeling beyond what standard windows can offer. But like standard windows, harsh summer rays often stream in through skylights, overheating a space; they can also let cold air in during winter. Direct sunlight and glare pose potential snags, too (think afternoon napping or movie binging).

If your skylights are in areas where you get a lot of sun – especially bedrooms or media rooms – you might want to consider skylight shades with a room-darkening or blackout fabric, so natural sunlight doesn’t interrupt your sleep or add glare to a TV screen. And if they’re in rooms like kitchens that don’t require complete darkness, choose a fabric that will bring in natural light while still blocking harsh rays. Remember, though, that skylights are often focal points of a room, so you’ll want a skylight window covering that complements your space’s overall style, rather than detracting from its décor.

Skylight windows never fail to light up a room. Whether your skylight is situated in a communal or private part of your home, sometimes you may wish to achieve a darker atmosphere during the daytime. Perhaps exterior light sources such as street lamps are disturbing your evenings, you want to maintain a darker room in the summer mornings, or you would simply like the option of extra privacy available to you? If any of these ring true, then you should consider installing our blackout blinds for skylight windows to ensure peaceful tranquility inside your home.

Reach for Motorized Control

Because most skylight windows are not easily accessible, many people wonder how to operate them. No worries. While you can reach and manually open and close them with a telescoping pole, retractable skylight window treatments are a natural for the convenience of motorized remote control.

Enhance and Protect

Protection from the sun and weather. Our roof blinds provide the ultimate protection against solar gain and UV, while also reducing noise in winter from hail and rain.

Control of Light

Regulate the amount and intensity of light entering the room. Adjust your blinds to your preferred light level — you can have almost total darkness, even on a sunny day, or can simply use your blind to prevent light reflection on computer and TV screens.

What we say about Skylight blinds?

Great for…

  • All types of skylights, including Velux and other roof windows
  • Coordinating with other blinds in the room – choose the same colours and fabrics
  • Family spaces, thanks to their cord-free finish – operate via a telescopic pole or remote control
  • Bedrooms with blackout options to control light
  • All budgets, with a range of styles and performance finishes to suit every home.

Things to consider

  • Roller blinds are fitted with frames, which hold the blind against your window
  • Venetian blinds are tension fitted using cords around the window

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What are Skylight Blinds?

Indoor skylight blinds are very efficient since they can be made in different sizes and specifications.
Prior to installation, our specialists will take all necessary measurements and discuss possible designs so that you get the best window treatments.
Our skylight blinds can be installed on windows with any angle since our latest tension system prevents them from sagging and crumpling.
This approach together with the best fabrics currently available on the market will provide privacy and light control as well as protect the space against heat and UV light.

Skylight blinds offered by inDesign Blinds can become a unique addition to your room which offers privacy, beauty, insulation and energy efficiency.
If you are ready to place an order, call us now and we will send a specialist to take measures and provide you with free consultations.

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