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Motorised pergola awnings have become quite popular among Australian house owners, since they provide flexibility and freedom with your outdoor space. Motorised awnings can be defined as on-demand opaque screens that perfectly satisfy the need for shade and protection. In comparison to traditional outdoor structures, retractable pergola systems allow to easily cover and uncover the specified area. 

InDesign retractable awnings are crafted with high-quality aluminium profiles and stainless steel that provide enhanced durability and rigidity of the whole construction. Retractable systems are equipped with a motor drive, making them easy to operate and making them an ideal solution for protection against the wind, rain and sun. The canopy covers are made of top materials that allow smooth sliding on durable trolleys. Pergola awnings can also be fitted with LED lights to provide additional comfort in times of cloudy weather or in the evening. In exceptional cases, special accessories such as sun and wind sensors can be integrated into the pergola system.

Retractable pergola systems have lots of benefits among which are:


Australian weather is unpredictable. You never know whether you will need to hide from the scorching sun or from the heavy rain. The ultraviolet rays that are emitted by the sun can harm your furniture by making it dull and faded. Moreover, if you stay under the open sun for a long time, your skin will become red and you may even get a sunburn. Rain on the other hand can ruin your outdoor barbeque party or make it impossible for you to take some fresh air in the evening. Once you install the awning, you will not depend on weather anymore.


Pergola awnings are a great way to get additional shade that will not only protect you from the sun when you spend your time outdoors, but will also help you to cut the energy bills provided that the canopy of the awning is attached to your home over the windows. Depending on the type of fabrics which you choose, you can reduce the amount of heat and UV rays up 70%.


Permanent awnings cannot be moved or detached. This creates lots of inconveniences, one of which is the inability to have a good view from your windows and constant darkness inside your house. If you like to admire picturesque sceneries and landscapes, then motorised retractable awning systems will be your best solution. InDesign outdoor constructions offer flexibility and efficiency by allowing to expand the canopy in excessively bright and sunny days and retract it during sunless periods to allow maximum light get into the house.


Standard non-retractable pergolas and other outdoor structures are always exposed to heavy winds and pouring rains. Strong storms can tear the canopy or even distort the metal construction. This is not the case with motorised outdoor systems which can be retracted in times of harsh weather. This feature allows to prolong the service life of the construction and avoid unnecessary expenses for repairs and maintenance.


Quite frequently, people who want to create beautiful porches or patios, realize that they need to spend huge amounts of money to make their dreams come true. They need to design the whole construction from scratch and maintain it in order to keep it functional for a long time. Retractable awnings can alone make your pergola look stylish and attractive for a relatively low price. InDesign retractable awnings are made-to-measure and can be customised to satisfy your preferences and wishes. We offer a broad range of materials of different colours, textures and styles to best suit your needs.

Now that you know more about the benefits of retractable pergola systems, we would like to give you some advice about the things which you should take into consideration when buying new pergola systems. First of all, you should think about the place of installation: whether the pergola shade will be useful there, what effects would you like to get, will the system provide protection from weather elements. Then, you should think about the size and design of the system: which area you would like to cover, what type of pergola would be the most suitable in your particular case. After this, it is necessary to decide on the fabrics, colours and textures that must fit the exterior of your house. Once you make your choice you can buy the construction and arrange its installation. However, if you find yourself puzzled with the variety of options, you can always arrange a consultation at InDesign to get more information about this marvellous retractable system that will add comfort, beauty and style to your house.

Whenever you want to improve your backyard or enhance your restaurant, we have a retractable awning to suit your needs. We offer different construction designs all of which can be tailored for your house or business in Melbourne and other cities in Australia. Retractable pergola systems are an affordable and convenient solution for better sun protection and comfortable life.

indesignblinds Pergola System
indesignblinds Pergola System
indesignblinds Pergola System