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Modern trends of urban architecture put emphasis on luxurious façades that include as many windows as possible. Sometimes, the whole façade becomes one single window which is certainly nice, however such architectural form requires additional cover that would protect the interior from the negative influence of the sun. 

Creation and application of external shading systems is now considered to be one of the most popular features in the building industry. inDesign offers Refleksol systems that have proved to be one of the best solutions for large façade windows. This construction will be very useful in all cases, whether you live in a private house near the ocean, or your rooms face the sun most of the time, or you have a spacious veranda that needs shading.

Refleksol can be literally translated as “reflecting the sun”. The system usually consists of a roller shade which is made of different types of fabrics. Its main function is to block out large window and door openings. Specially designed fabrics that are made of polyester or polyvinyl chloride will not be ruined by the elements. The whole Refleksol construction helps to maintain stable comfortable temperature inside the building. Refleksol system will be suitable not only for living areas, but also for other buildings like lecture theatres, cafes, offices and others.

Refleksol supporting constructions are made of strong and stress-resistant aluminium. The system itself represents a roll which is used to wind and unwind the fabrics. There are two types of rolls: open and encased (surrounded with a special metal casing). There are also two methods that are used to wind and unwind the fabrics: mechanical (manual) and automatic. If you choose to install the Refleksol with the manual control system, then you will have to open and close the shades with the help of a special rod which is attached to special mechanical gears. On the other hand, if you choose the automatic control system, you will only need to press a button and a special motor drive will do the job for you.

inDesign offers several types of Refleksol systems:


offered by inDesign are made of a special extra-durable material and have reliable zip lock fixation mechanisms that provide constant tension of fabrics. They are also equipped with aluminium side rails that provide tight adhesion of fabrics to the window pane. Thanks to such design, Refleksol systems can protect your house not only from the scorching sun and gusty winds, but also from prying eyes of strangers and annoying insects. Moreover, Refleksol Zip system offers excellent protection against harmful ultraviolet rays which can burn your skin and make your furniture, floors and carpets look pale and faded.


  • Dimensions: height – min 1,0m/max 4,0m, width min 0,8m/max 5,0m;
  • Encasing height: 95mm/120mm;
  • Frame/guiding rails/side panels colour: white (customizable);
  • Fabrics: fiberglass/polyester/polyvinyl chloride (customizable colour);
  • Control system: automatic or manual (control rod length: min 0,9m/max 2,5m)


is a system which was designed to allow various types of installation. It can be built into the window opening or fitted above it. The square form of the cassette will make your façade look modern and stylish. If necessary, Refleksol 120 can be supplemented with side rails that make the construction rigid and durable, as well as with various kinds of anti-wind planks which will ensure convenient use of the system even under harsh weather conditions.


  • Dimensions: maximal width 4,0m, maximal height 4,0m;
  • Frame colour: white (customizable);
  • Cassette sizes: width 126mm, height 126mm;
  • Fabrics: white polyester/polyvinyl chloride (customizable colour);
  • Control system: manual or automatic


is a system with a semicircular encasing that adds aesthetic appeal to the construction. The system can be supplemented with aluminium guiding rails, tension mechanism and anti-wind planks. The guiding rails can serve as a supporting element for the cassette construction.


  • Dimensions: maximal width 4,5m, maximal height 4,0m;
  • Frame colour: white (customizable);
  • Cassette sizes: width 107mm, height 117mm;
  • Fabrics: white polyester/polyvinyl chloride (customizable colour);
  • Control system: manual or automatic
Installation of Refleksol systems will be suitable for any areas: private houses, apartments, cafes, stores, industrial facilities.
Business owners also get an opportunity to place extra advertisements, logos or other types of visual information onto the fabrics of Refleksol systems in order to attract more clients.
inDesign Refleksol systems will provide you with efficient climate control and power saving, comfort, aesthetics and functionality.
They will protect your house from weather elements and accentuate the style and beauty of its exterior design.
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Featuring a sleek, modern and unobtrusive appearance, this universal blind can be installed between posts, on the front of posts, without posts and over windows. Available in either motorised or crank handle operation, these blinds can be locked in the down position using stainless steel dog clips.

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