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Zebra Blinds

Zebra Blinds

Zebra blinds are one of the latest innovations among the shading solutions that are offered by our company. If you look at the structure of these blinds, you may notice that they are very similar to roller blinds. However, they have one unique feature which makes them stand out among other types of window coverings. 

Zebra blinds are made of one continuous piece of fabric that combines translucent sunscreen and solid blackout strips so that when the first strips overlap the light comes in and when the latter strips overlap the light is blocked. This window treatment is perfect for its affordable cost, appealing design and diverse light filtering options. If you buy these amazing blinds, you will see that they offer both sophistication and efficiency which are great for practically any room in your house.

Although zebra blinds are a relatively new product on the market, they have managed to receive general acclaim of many customers who speak well of their functionality and style. In order to prove this point, let us provide some benefits which are offered by zebra blinds:


There are many blinds which are very efficient in terms of thermal regulation and light control, however they lack a special shade of sophistication and therefore cannot emphasize your décor to make it even more stylish and elegant. Zebra blinds, on the other hand, have a very trendy look which will perfectly blend with almost any contemporary interior. Their striped design will fascinate your guests and add extra decorative dashes to your living space.


It is true that almost all of our blinds can be manufactured in different colours, patterns and shapes, however zebra blinds are particularly diverse. If you decide to buy zebra roller blinds, you will get a ton of options. You can pick any material you like, you can combine these materials to achieve maximum light filtering properties and you can even determine the size of the stripes to get a better view from the window.


You may wonder, why bother buying zebra blinds when you can buy simple roller blinds since they are simple in operation and offer the same light blocking properties. However, we urge you to think deeper and consider all extra features which you can get with zebra blinds. Striped window coverings offer a more functional approach to regulation of natural light since you have a range of variation, i.e. you can leave the windows open, create semi-darkness or complete darkness with just one in mere seconds!


If you have large windows, then chances are that your heat is leaking out during cold seasons. If you install zebra roller blinds, you can prevent draughts and thus save some energy to keep you house warm and cosy. Additionally, zebra blinds can save you from summer heat by blocking the sunlight and thus keeping your rooms cool and shady throughout the whole day.


With our modern zebra blinds you can forget about nasty neighbours or strangers walking down the street. The special design of zebra blinds allows to block the view completely and enjoy quietness and comfortable solitude. However, should you feel lonely, you can always change the position of the stripes to get partial or complete view from the window. Such versatility is truly unique and cannot be compared to any other type of window treatment.

If you are considering buying new blinds, then zebra blinds may be your best bet. They can add beauty to your home and provide unique features that allow to adjust the amount of sunlight and degree of privacy in a more convenient way. All zebra blinds come in a rich variety of colours and fabrics that are selected according to your requirements and specifications. Zebra blinds can be operated manually with a special chain or equipped with a motor drive that makes this type of window treatment quite easy to use and maintain. Speaking of maintenance, zebra blinds are very easy to clean. If you wipe them with a soft damp cloth once in a while, they will serve you for many years without loss of quality and colour. It is also worth to mention that due to their great design and simplicity, zebra blinds can be very durable. Steel tubes combined with strong high-quality fabrics will not crease or fade even after many years.

In case you require a special look to match your décor, we will be glad to offer our extensive collection of fabrics and colours matched with the expertise of our designers to suit your needs and expectations. Zebra blinds can be installed in both residential and commercial spaces due to their superb light filtering qualities as well as modern and sleek appearance. Call us now and arrange a free visit of our specialist who will help you to take measurements and choose the style of your future zebra blinds that will make your rooms look spectacular at smart at any time.

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