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PVC Plantation Shutters

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is a very efficient synthetic material which was designed specifically to resist moisture, heat and UV rays. It does not warp, dent or chip if affected by weather elements and scorching sun and is proved to be very strong and durable. All these properties make PVC a really indispensable material for production of plantation shutters which are going to be used in wet or extremely hot areas.

inDesign Blinds offers a wide range of PVC shutters that are known for their sleek and elegant appearance. Our PVC shutters are especially designed to preserve their shape and avoid sagging and warping. In addition to durability and elegant forms, our PVC shutters are also valued for their ability to regulate sunlight and prevent heat loss which is so important for comfortable and convenient life.

PVC shutters unlike their basswood counterparts have their own ways of application. Their ability to resist moisture and bending makes PVC shutters ideal for laundries, bathrooms or kitchens where high humidity could cause damage to conventional timber shutters. Most synthetic shutters have warranties up to 25 years, whereas warranties for wooden shutters often do not exceed 5 years.

One other advantage of PVC shutters in comparison to timber shutters is their cost. Polyvinyl chloride is quite cheap thus it might be a good alternative to expensive wooden shutters and other types of blinds. If your main goal is functionality, elegance and simplicity then PVC shutters are your best bet.

All of our PVC shutters are custom-made to fit exactly your windows and function properly even after many years. Our company has extensive experience in creation of unique designs that help our customers to highlight the general themes of their rooms or even create a brand new theme. The broad range of colours and textures combined with extreme versatility of PVC shutters allows us to satisfy even the most bizarre requirements and fulfill projects of any complexity.

Over the years we have developed many types of PVC shutters. Currently, we offer hollow PVC shutters, solid PVC shutters and solid PVC shutters with aluminium insets for better support of the whole construction. All these structures can be further enhanced on an individual basis to ensure that your shutters are perfect and suit your needs.

PVC shutters are very efficient since they possess many qualities that are peculiar only for synthetic window treatments. However, in order to give you a better picture, we have compiled a list of benefits that PVC shutters can offer:


PVC shutters are designed to be angled at different degrees. This feature gives us the opportunity to control natural light in the most efficient way. You can block out the light completely by angling the slats down or get mild light without annoying glare by adjusting them in a proper position. When more light is necessary, the slats can be fully opened to provide a clear and unobstructed view from the window.


Closed PVC shutters perfectly cope with sound insulation since their properties allow to block almost all street noises. PVC shutters can also help you cut the energy bills since the extra layer of insulation will ensure reduced heat loss and overall maintenance of comfortable temperature inside the room.


PVC shutters can be fully closed to provide maximum privacy and comfort. They can also be used as an extra barrier for burglars who might want to get into your house.


Unlike timber shutters, PVC window coverings are less susceptible to inflammation. This makes them ideal for areas where fire danger is higher than usual, for example production facilities or kitchens.


There long has been a debate over harmfulness of polyvinyl chloride, however recently scientists have proved that PVC is one of the safest synthetic materials ever known to people. Thus, you can be sure that after utilization of PVC shutters, their recycling will not harm the environment and pose threat to people’s health.

InDesign Blinds offers only the best window treatments. We use materials of the highest quality and always take care of the full installation cycle starting from consultations to after-sales support. Our team of experts is able to give you a free quote and take measurements which will help you to determine which type of window covering will suit you better. We also supply PVC shutters for windows with unusual frames and other peculiarities and are sure that the end result will exceed all your expectations. If you are ready to place an order, call us now or send the details of your project to our email or through the contact form and we will be happy to design and create your window treatments.

indesignblinds PVC Shutters
indesignblinds PVC Shutters
indesignblinds PVC Shutters