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Product article: PVC shutters

When building a new home or renovating, budgetary constraints can stand in the way of you having everything you truly want. Thankfully when it comes to window treatments, the alternatives are endless. If you had your heart set on shutters instead of blinds, wooden shutters and aluminium shutters are just too far outside a budget price range. Welcome the wonderful alternative, PVC Shutters.

PVC Shutters are the cost-effective alternative shutters when your budget is under constraint. PVC Shutters are also durable which is a fantastic advantage if you have pets and small kids running around in your home. Furthermore, they hold up well in moisture-rich environments, which means they will not fade or warp over time. With PVC shutters you will be able to enjoy good air flow as the louvres can rotate to various angles.

PVC Shutters Benefits

1. PVC Shutters are customizable

PVC shutters are a good product offering in that you can custom manufacture them. Therefore if you have a door opening or window opening that is above standard building sizes or below, PVC shutters are customised to fit that area perfectly with no issues.

2. Four Different Systems

PVC shutters can be made in four different ways. The first is a bi-fold system. This is ideal for patio areas or large openings leading outdoors. The second option is to have them made as by-pass shutters. This stylish option could be used to divide two rooms, creating two separate spaces without putting up walls or dry walls. Thirdly, they can be an alternative to bathroom doors or wardrobe doors. Lastly, you can have PVC shutters with hinges which is ideal for windows.

3. PVC Shutters are Budget Friendly

PVC shutters are made from a hollow tube material thus making them an affordable alternative to wooden or aluminium shutters. Even though they are made from a hollow tube, they have the same functionality as their wooden and aluminium counterparts. These shutters are also aesthetically pleasing offering the same style benefits.

4. PVC Shutters are Durable

Due to their makeup, PVC shutters have proven to be durable. Plastic PVC is a durable material and thus ideal for the manufacturing of shutters. This product will not warp or fade over time. They can withstand the test of time and even outlive wooden shutters. Furthermore, what makes PVC shutters even more durable is their ability to resist moisture and wet environments – thus making them perfect for areas like your kitchen, bathroom and patio areas.

PVC shutters

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