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Product article: External venetian blinds

Looking for a high quality, durable blind for your home or business that works beautifully with your building’s design whilst offering the highest level of heat exclusion? Why not consider External Venetian Blinds?

External blinds are a supremely energy efficient shading option; the blinds’ slats can be angled to block out direct sunlight, effectively stopping the sun from hitting your windows and offering up to 3 times the heat excluding efficiency of internal blinds.

These blinds can be fully raised in winter or on overcast days and their angle of tilt can be regulated to let in natural daylight as required. External Venetian Blinds are also perfect for adding privacy to your home and provide an attractive feature to any building.

External Venetian Blinds Benefits

Daylight Control/Filtering

Allow in as much light as possible, yet at the same time preserve your privacy. They are able to continuously regulate the natural light that comes into your living spaces according to the sun’s position. Lighten up a room without it overheating, or darken it without sacrificing the outside view.

External venetian blinds

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