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Plantation shutters

Plantation shutters

Plantation shutters are loved for their refined style and mechanical functionality. Although the name may imply some connection with the South, these top-grade window accessories have been already in use all over the world for many centuries. The aesthetic elegance of plantation shutters has made them a good alternative to blinds and curtains and if you choose to install them, you will soon realize how much warmer and cosier your house has become. 

Plantation shutters can be described as rigid one-piece constructions with large panels each consisting of wide blades (i.e. slates). The shutters cover the entire window and are able to provide homeowners with flexibility when it comes to adjusting the light, air and noise which comes from the outside. Plantation shutters are marked for their longevity therefore you can certainly include them into the selling price of your house. inDesign offers a rich variety of styles and marvellous designs that will blend in nicely with any type of interior as well as exterior décor. Each of our clients can order custom-made constructions that will meet all your desires and expectations. You can select almost any shape, size and colour of your new shutters that will add charm and privacy to your house.

inDesign shutters are usually made of natural materials such as basswood or cedar as well as composite materials such as PVC (plasticised polyvinyl chloride). Each of these materials has its own individualities and characteristic features, therefore it is worth to consider them separately.


Wooden plantation shutters can be made of basswood or cedar. Basswood is regarded as a pale brown hard medium-density timber with perfect balance of weight and strength. This feature makes basswood shutters resistant to bumps and knocks. Cedar is a red-brown soft medium-density timber that is valued for its light weight, excellent thermal properties and increased resistance to decay. However, unlike basswood, cedar shutters are not the best solution for areas with high traffic or places which are regularly hit or bumped into since the material itself is more pliable. Both cedar and basswood can be manufactured with an oiled or painted finish.


are made of non-toxic synthetic material that has many excellent features. Polyvinyl chloride constructions are known for being lightweight, fire-resistant and water-proof. In addition, they possess perfect insulating properties that help to get rid of unwanted noise and preserve temperature inside the building. PVC shutters are made with an aluminium core to make the construction even more rigid and reliable.

You may wonder which material will best suit your needs. Well, the answer is pretty simple. Timber plantation shutters will best fit into wide window openings in living rooms and bedrooms since they will not obstruct the view and will create warm atmosphere if installed inside. PVC plantation shutters will be the best solution for kitchens, bathrooms, laundries and outside balconies since their chemical nature make them waterproof and durable.

Both timber and PVC shutters can be mounted inside and outside of your house. They can consist of a single panel that resembles a door, two panels (double-shutters) that are used to cover wider windows, and four panels (bi-fold) that are popular for large windows. In addition, inDesign provides shutters for unconventional windows that have special features. If you need shutters for bay windows, corner windows, box window or shaped windows you can call us and we will consult you on all possible options and alternatives.

If you are still hesitant as to whether you should buy plantation shutters or not, let us list some benefits that might help you to make your choice:


Plantation shutters can cut your electricity bill since they are able to provide additional insulation to your home in the winter and block out the heat from outside during the summer.


Due to a wide range of options, plantation shutters can be used in rooms that are decorated in a modern or antique style. They will create the feeling of wealth and can make an illusion of larger windows in moderately small rooms. Moreover, you can have your shutters painted in the same colour as your furniture to create a finished look.


Plantation shutters can be used to cover both windows and doors. They can also be installed as room dividers or as barriers to enclose balconies, patios and the like.


Plantation shutters are made only of high-quality timber that stands out due to its durability and excellent insulating properties. Likewise, our PVC shutters are made of the best polyvinyl chloride which will not fade or decay over time due to enhanced resistance to heat and UV rays.


InDesign plantation shutters will help make your life private and secure from the outside world and at the same time allow light and air through adjustable blades that can be set either up or down.

Our top-grade tailor made plantation shutters are made to meet your needs. They will add style and elegance to your house and will make your life private, comfortable and secure. Our experience combined with the best quality of constructions allows us to provide a unique service that cannot be surpassed to any other shutter company in Australia.

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