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Folding Arm Awning Vegas

Folding Arm Awning Vegas

Horizontal shading systems are now at the peak of their popularity since they combine unique properties that allow to protect the house against direct sunlight, maintain comfortable temperature inside the house and add style to the overall appearance of the building. If you are looking for a nice shading solution that would feature technically advanced functions combined with sophistication and beauty, then we are glad to offer you our horizontal retractable system VEGAS, which is considered to be one of the best solutions on the market. This device incorporates many properties which can help to: 


Australia is known for its warm climate which can become extremely hot in the summer. In order to keep the temperature low inside of our houses, we opt for different methods like fans and air conditioning systems. Such extensive use of electric devices can become a real financial burden which can be eased with installation of the VEGAS external awning.


We all know that the sun can harm your furnishings and lead to fading. On top of it, the flooring and drapes can be damaged as well. External retractable awnings like any other shading systems act as a sunblock, thus allowing to cut the money you spend on annual reupholstering and maintenance of internal décor.


Horizontal awnings are very efficient in terms of protection against the sun but what makes them special is their ability to shade the area and at the same time provide a good view from the window. When extended, the horizontal awnings will not create an illusion of a blank wall which a lot of people with vertical shades complain about. In addition to the view, InDesign retractable awnings will provide a good airflow, so that you will always get fresh air inside of your house.


Horizontal awnings offered by inDesign perfectly supplement exterior decors making them especially appealing and smart. This will allow house owners to gain admiration and respect of their neighbours. Along with that, businesses like cafes and restaurants will also be able to get more clients since people appreciate convenience and comfort.


Lots of people have cosy patios or backyards where they relax and enjoy fresh air. However, when the sun becomes intolerable it is necessary to retreat back into the house. inDesign horizontal awnings will help you to stay outdoors without fear of getting a sunburn since they are able to transform your hot patio into a cool shaded hiding place in only seconds.

In order to understand the usefulness and functionality of the VEGAS shading system, it is necessary to look closer at the construction itself. VEGAS system is a type of retractable horizontal awning that can be fixed to the wall or ceiling depending on the preferences of the customer and overall design. The construction consists of the frame which is made of extruded aluminium and the fabric which is resistant to decay and therefore is very strong and durable. There is also a two-piece cassette which contains a well-designed mechanism that retracts and extends the awning. The width of the VEGAS system can range from 190 to 700 cm whereas the projection length can reach up to 400cm. If necessary, VEGAS awnings can be linked to form a longer system which can be very convenient for large facades. Excellent design that incorporates a C-shaped front profile for extra protection of the fabrics will blend in nicely into almost any exterior and will make your house truly outstanding.

The modes of operation include manual with a hand crank and motorised which is performed with a special driving mechanism inside of the aluminium cassette. The standard construction can be also supplemented with special sensors that can help detect even the slightest variations of the sun and wind and make corresponding changes of the inclination angle and retraction length. This allows to protect the system from damage and save money that would be otherwise spent on unforeseen repairs. There is no doubt that these additional devices make the VEGAS system almost autonomous which is really handy.


  • retractable awning with a two-piece cassette;
  • width: 190 – 700 cm;
  • projection: 150, 200, 250, 300, 350 and 400 cm;
  • installation on: wall or ceiling;
  • inclination angle: up to 35 degrees;
  • can be linked to make a longer awning;
  • operation: motorised and manual;
  • available colours as per RAL.

If you are thinking of buying an external shading system for your house or business, you may be faced with a huge number of options. However, one of the most important factors to consider is the extent of the shading you would like to get. Most of the solutions do not allow customization of light that comes inside the building, however VEGAS horizontal retractable systems can offer just anything you could imagine. It is a practical choice which can protect any building and emphasize your unique style.

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