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Folding Arm Awning Art

Folding Arm Awning Art - Outdoor Awnings

Nowadays, there is a huge number of shading solutions that are used for protection against the sun, additional insulation and enhanced comfort. However, if you prefer your shading system to combine functionality and style, then you should definitely pay attention to our horizontal awnings one of which is the ART_01 system. It is very efficient since it possesses unique advantages and features that allow to: 


It has been estimated that depending on the type, external shading systems can decrease the room temperature by up to 9 degrees Celsius. Horizontal awnings are one of the most efficient systems that perfectly cope with this task, especially in hot summer days. As a result, you will not need to spend much money on air conditioning systems or other cooling devices.


It is widely known that direct sunlight can damage the furniture, ruin the carpets and make other pieces of décor inside of the house no longer usable. If you have a patio or a backyard, then it is vital that you install a shading system, since outdoor furniture is especially at risk. inDesign horizontal awnings will allow you to save a considerable sum on annual reupholstering and refurbishment.


In comparison to vertical shading systems, ART_01 awnings are much more efficient, since they allow to block the sunlight and at the same time provide a good unobstructed view from the window. In addition, horizontal systems do not hinder normal airflow, thus you will always have fresh air inside of your house.


Awnings are especially popular among café owners and for good reason. ART_01 retractable awnings can make the building very elegant which in turn attracts more customers. House owners also like to decorate their houses with horizontal awnings since they allow to create the feeling of domestic comfort and add the dashes of charm to the building.


ART_01 horizontal awnings would be very useful for anyone who has limited space. Do not fret if you have a small backyard because with our retractable shading systems you can easily turn the area into a temporary shaded veranda and back into a sunny patch.

Now that you know all advantages of horizontal retractable systems, let us look closer at the construction design of ART_01 awnings. In general, ART_01 is a lightweight awning that is installed onto retractable frames that are fixed to the wall or ceiling above the window. The frame is made of aluminium profile, which has anticorrosion properties. One of the main elements of ART_01 retractable systems is the fabric, which can boast enhanced resistance, durability and strength. As to the sizes, ART_01 awnings can be up to 5 meters wide and up to 3 meters long (projection length). The system is designed to take as little space as possible in the retracted position. Each ART_01 construction consists of an aluminium cassette which includes a well thought-out system for extension and retraction of the fabrics. The latter is made of materials that are resistant to decay, sunlight and moisture. There is also an aluminium front profile that adds stability to the whole construction. Control over extension or retraction is performed manually or automatically with the help of special drives that are built into the construction. Additionally, there are also extra options such as wind and solar sensors that are able to automatically adjust the tilt of the shades depending on the angle of sunlight or the direction of wind. Such devices would be extremely useful for people who stay away from their property for a long time.


  • retractable awning with a one-piece cassette;
  • width: 190 – 500 cm;
  • projection: 150, 200, 250, 300;
  • installation on: wall or ceiling;
  • inclination angle: up to 40 degrees;
  • not possible to link;
  • operation: motorised and manual;
  • available colours as per RAL

The service life of inDesign retractable shading systems is almost limitless. This is another advantage of external systems. The installation is very simple and does not require any specialized instruments. If necessary, the shades can be easily dismantled or taken off for repairs and maintenance. You can even dismantle the system for the winter season to protect it from harsh weather. It is also very easy to look after ART_01 systems. All you need is a wet sponge or a piece of cloth and soapy water.

The cost of ART_01 shading systems is quite affordable, however you should bear in mind that the price will always depend on the dimensions and materials. inDesign allows each customer to arrange a visit of a specialist who will take measurements and give advice regarding the style and functionality of exterior retractable shading systems. You can be sure that our top quality combined with the made-to-measure approach will satisfy your needs and preferences and make your purchase a worthy investment.

indesignblinds Folding Arm Awning Art
indesignblinds Folding Arm Awning Art
indesignblinds Folding Arm Awning Art