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Everyone is familiar with the scorching heat which is especially annoying in big cities. We fight it in different ways – some of us use simple curtains, others install shades or buy fans. However, all of these methods cannot help us feel comfortable and relaxed when the sun literally burns out everything outside of our homes. Fortunately, there is a perfect solution to this problem that will protect your house or any other building from the sun and improve the quality of internal climate that is so vital for any person.
inDesign external venetian blinds were especially created to be used outside. Thus, they are very resistant to ordinary and extreme weather conditions and can serve for decades due to their enhanced durability and strength. External venetian blinds are used to shade façades of residential, industrial or any other types of buildings and are especially successful in regulating the amount of light and heat which comes from the outside. However, all of these features can be also attributed to internal blinds and shades. What makes external blinds offered by inDesign especially useful is their ability to block sunlight before it heats window panes. This allows to make the microclimate inside of your house or office better which is very important for active life and overall performance. 


consist of special C- or Z-shaped movable slats that are very resistant to adverse weather conditions and mechanical impact. The slats are manufactured of high-quality 0,45m wide extruded aluminium, which is coated with special anti-corrosion lacquer for additional protection against moisture during rainy or snowy days. The system itself is noted for its solid construction which is achieved due to the special protective fastening mechanism and metal casing. The latter also performs another function. It allows to hide the elevating and rotary mechanisms which makes the blinds aesthetically appealing regardless of whether they are opened or closed. All other components of external venetian blinds are also manufactured of high-quality, anti-corrosion and reliable materials which guarantee long service of the system in the outdoor environment.


consist of the metal casing which is used for protection of the mechanism that regulates the canvas, the driving gear (manual or electric), guiding bars and movable slats that move up and down along these bars. The slats are fastened with special holding wires and can be rotated or collected into the casing with the help of special control cables. The casing itself is used more for decoration as well as for protection of the elevation mechanism against atmospheric precipitations. There is also a bottom plank which serves for fixation of vertically hanging wires and cables, thus adding rigidity to the whole construction. All of these components are assembled according to the best European standards that offer high quality and elegant style which will serve you and your family for many years.


can be manual (control is performed with the help of a curved aluminium crank) or motorised (slats are regulated automatically with the help of a motor drive). You will not find any particular differences between the control systems of external and internal venetian blinds. The only difference is the size of the construction and the force needed to regulate the slats. You can fully raise or lower the blinds as well as rotate the slats around their axes up to 80 degrees. Owners of smart houses can even plug the blinds into the general system and enjoy comfortable climate and moderate amount of sunlight without constant interference and unnecessary worries.

It might seem that external venetian blinds are unreasonably expensive, however you should bear in mind that having installed this system you will be able to cut your energy bills by half since you will not need to rely so much on the air conditioning systems in the summer or heating systems in the winter. External venetian blinds offered by inDesign are able to reduce the temperature inside the building by 5-7 degrees during hot seasons and prevent up to 40 percent of heat loss during cold seasons.

inDesign external venetian blinds are used for shading of single windows as well as big glass façades. Due to their functional properties, external blinds will be especially efficient for large industrial facilities, office centres, winter gardens and modern houses. Any customer who orders inDesign external venetian blinds can be sure that the construction will be tailored to his or her individual needs and preferences. Thus, external venetian blinds can be regarded as an ideal solution for their practical efficiency, reliability, usefulness, functionality and style that will make any exterior even more sophisticated and refined.

indesignblinds External Venecian
indesignblinds External Venecian
indesignblinds External Venecian