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Dual roller blinds

Dual roller blinds

Double roller blinds, also known as dual roller blinds, are special types of window coverings which combine two fabrics on the same window with the help of a double bracket system. These blinds are therefore very beneficial since they are capable of doing two jobs for the same price. 

You can combine translucent fabrics and blackout fabrics in the same structure and get even better control over light which comes through your windows and an extra layer of insulation for your home. Double roller blinds are ideal for any time. During the day they can be used to create a soft diffused light and at night they can provide you with complete privacy and darkness.

Double roller blinds are available in a wide selection of trendy fabrics with varying degrees of light control. They can be mixed to match your interior décor and regulate the amount of light you want to filter. Blackout roller blinds can be used to efficiently regulate heat and glare. They can also enhance your rooms by adding a stylish and smooth appearance to your home. Translucent fabrics on the other hand can be used to achieve any degree of translucency or light filtration.

There are many benefits which make double roller blinds one of the best window treatments on the market:


Double roller blinds as the name suggests combine two different types of fabrics and therefore can create different degrees of sun filtration inside of your rooms. If you choose to combine sunscreen fabrics with a thicker fabric you will be able to switch between complete darkness and moderate light diffusion which eliminates the need to buy two different blinds.


Two layers of fabrics allow to reduce the heat loss in a more efficient way. Double roller blinds can be used as extra insulation to keep the house warm when the temperature outside drops below zero. They can also be perfect for keeping hot air outside of your house during warm seasons. All this will make you less dependable on climate control devices which in turn will help you to save extra money on your energy bills.


Double roller blinds are very elegant and sophisticated and that is why they are able to highlight the main theme of your rooms and make them even more appealing to your guests. It is an ideal choice if you are looking for window treatments with simple lines. They stick closely to the window and you will not find any excess fabric. Our company also offers a great number of colour palettes and patterns to choose from so that you will be able to select the best design for your house.


Dual roller blinds are very easy to handle. They can be spring assisted, chain driven or completely motorised. The chain drive can be used to connect several blinds together so that you are able to close and open these blinds at once. You will not have to reach to each blind individually. Just pull the chain or press the button of a remote control and all your blinds will adjust themselves as you want. This is very convenient if you have, for example, furniture in front of your window treatments.


Dual roller blinds are very durable due to high quality materials which are used by our experts to manufacture these window treatments. We use durable steel tubes and extra strong fabrics to ensure that you get only positive experience from using dual roller blinds. You can be sure that your dual roller blinds will remain fully functional after they have been in use for years. Also, inDesign dual roller blinds do not fade from the sun since we treat the fabric against harmful impacts of UV rays.


Double roller blinds are very efficient in terms of personal privacy since they can completely block the view from your window so that you can enjoy solitude and comfort of your own house. You will not be annoyed anymore by the strangers who always try to look into your windows or snoopy neighbours who always try to stick their nose into your private life.

In short, double roller blinds are highly functional window systems which can provide a clean and elegant look for your home. They are not always the first thing which Australian homeowners consider, however once convinced of the various functional features and reasonable price, they very often end up preferring these window treatments over any other. Our clients who installed these modern and fashionable window coverings report that the combination of translucent and blackout fabrics has a pleasant visual effect and appeal. Thus, if you are after optimisation of the functionality and style of your home, we highly recommend double roller blinds which can be installed by our experts in mere hours. Call us now and we will be happy to work with you on your project.

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