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Curtains and Pelmets

Curtains and Pelmets

Curtains and pelmets are traditional window treatments that came to Australia with the first European settlers. These coverings have been in use for a long time and it seems that they are not going to fall into oblivion for another couple of centuries. Such popularity would not be possible if they did not have some really good benefits such as privacy, heat conservation and light control which are essential for convenient life.

Many would think that inDesign Blinds has always been in pursuit of cutting-edge solutions, disregarding everything that does not fall within the definition of modernity. However, it is not the case, since we never forget that tried-and-true solutions always come out as winners in any difficult situation. There are many examples which prove that curtains and pelmets can be the only choice which offers both functionality and style. 

First of all, let us deal with the concept of pelmets, since some folks can find it difficult to tell curtains and pelmets apart. Pelmets are some sort of a short barrier at the top of your curtains which prevents air flow and thus eliminates the loss of heat. Pelmets are very often neglected, however we believe that they can complete the look of your curtains and conceal those unattractive tracks from your eyes. In simple terms, a pelmet is an element which makes the curtain beautiful and keeps hot air out during the summer or prevents cold air from getting in during the winter.

When choosing curtains and pelmets for your rooms, you should always keep in mind that the type of fabric will be a determining factor in terms of quality and efficiency. The material of the covering must fit the interior design of a room and also match the furniture and other pieces of décor. Some rooms will look perfect with heavy curtains and pelmets, others will assume elegant appearance if complemented with light curtain designs. If you find yourself confused with this idea and would like to get the best results but not sure which type of curtain to choose, we advise you to give us a call. We will offer the best solutions and provide you with the information which will transform your house out of all recognition.

Our company offers only made to measure curtains and pelmets to ensure the best look and functionality. We are proud to have a wide collection of materials and palettes to choose from and are sure that our window coverings will make your life a lot more convenient. If you are still hesitant as to whether it is worth to buy curtains and pelmets, we suggest you to have a look at the list of benefits below:


inDesign Blinds curtains are great supplements to any room of our house, since they have a soft and smooth appearance. They are very practical in terms of thermal regulation because they can keep your rooms warmer during cold winter days and cooler in the summer. The structure of fabrics that is used for manufacture of our curtains and pelmets allows to decrease the heat loss and thus cut the energy bills almost by 15 percent.


Many of our customers value privacy and therefore are looking for ideal shading solutions that would allow them to relax in their own homes without nosy neighbours and other people who like to look inside any house. If you buy opaque curtains and pelmets, you can be sure that your living area will become fully protected from prying eyes and you will not be disturbed by occasional faces outside of your windows.


Curtains are ideal dust collectors and which means they can prevent dust from gathering in your room. If you wash or shake your curtains from time to time, you will get rid of sneezing and coughing and enjoy fresh and clean air in your house without any filtering systems.


Sunlight is the major reason for installation of shades or blinds in the house. All of them are equally efficient in terms of light filtering, however curtain can offer more than efficiency. Our curtains and pelmets are designed by experts with aesthetic appeal and beauty in mind. Therefore, if you trust our company your shading problems, you can be sure that the end result will exceed all your expectations.


inDesign Blinds offers a great amount of materials and styles which will cater to any design and consumer. If you have a unique theme in your bedroom, for example, we will make sure that the curtains will not stand out. Our designers are able to enhance the colours of your rooms and add extra dashes of sophistication that will create a truly magnificent atmosphere.

Good curtains and pelmets will assist in creation of a truly elegant look in the room and reduction of your energy expenses. If you think that modern blinds can offer many similar advantages and there is no need to deal with old-fashioned curtains, you should keep in mind that blinds do not have the same sophisticated style as a nice pair of curtains and therefore will not be able to transform your house into the place you have always dreamed about. Now, if you are ready to make an order, call us and we will be happy to provide you with top-notch solutions that will delight your eye for many years.

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