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Basswood plantation shutters

Basswood is considered as one of the most efficient types of timber for internal shutters, thus, there is no wonder that basswood shutters are so popular in Australia. Basswood comes from the tilia family and is also known as linden. Linden trees usually have thick and strong trunks and uniform grain which makes this type of tree ideal for internal shading. Basswood is also very unlikely to bleed or produce resin that can spoil the finish of the timber, for example painting, coating or staining. Thus, it becomes clear that basswood shutters by inDesign Blinds will be a perfect solution for your home in terms of style, decoration and light control. 

Our basswood shutters are made to measure which means that each customer will be approached individually. We can create a unique design based on your specifications and requirements and make your living space pleasant and appealing. Furthermore, the great selection of styles will make it easy for you to enhance the decor or even create a new theme in your house which will certainly receive approval of your guests. inDesign Blinds can also provide you with custom solutions. Our experts will be happy to design and manufacture sliding, fixed, bi-fold, hinged and many other types of timber shutters which will perfectly suit any types of windows. Additionally, we can adjust the size of  slats which are used to regulate sunlight. This option allows to use basswood shutters for windows of any sizes.

Due to their stable hardwood and light weight, basswood shutters are also extremely resistant to warping. This means that you can mount these window treatments on any types of windows without fear that they will loose their shape and properties. However, you should remember that no timber is absolutely warp-resistant. Basswood will also change over time, however it will take much longer in comparison with other types of timber. In order to enhance the anti-warping properties, we can supplement your basswood shutters with special metal joints that will increase the strength and ensure stress resistance.

We are sure that the warm, natural and traditional appearance of basswood shutters will help you decorate your house and at the same time get many advantages which will make your life convenient. Our clients report that inDesign basswood shutters are particularly beneficial in:


Basswood shutters are ideal for regulation of natural sunlight which enter your rooms. You can adjust the angle of slats to block the glare and at the same time keep the natural light. You are also able to angle the slats down to block the light and create a shaded area that helps to relax and have a sleep.


It is one of the most useful features which can be offered by basswood shutters. These timber shutters are able to provide you with a fair level of insulation and thus reducing the need of using various climate control devices. When completely closed, the shutters can create an insulating space between their surface and the window which means that the heat will not be able to enter your home easily in the summer or leave it in winter.


Basswood shutters can create a truly unique atmosphere inside of your home due to their warm and pleasing texture and colour. If combined with other wooden pieces of decor, you can get a refined look in your house or business area which is hard to achieve with other types of window treatments. Those who require privacy and solitude will also find basswood shutters very convenient because you can easily regulate the slats and go from full view to complete blackout in mete seconds.


Basswood shutters offered by inDesign are extremely easy to maintain. They are not prone to dust collection, therefore you will not need to clean them very frequently. However, we still advise you to wipe these shutters with a damp cloth once in a while to maintain their elegant appearance. It is also true that basswood shutters are very durable.


Timber is an excellent noise suppressant, therefore timber shutters can help eliminate up to 80% of all noises that come from the outside. Our company guarantees tight mount without any gaps and holes that might let annoying sounds get into your house. However, it is very important to remember, that you still need to take care of other sources of outside noise in order to ensure quietness and comfort inside of your house.

In general, basswood shutters are a great alternative to fabric blinds. They can highlight the elegance and sophistication of your designer theme or help create a brand new style. Basswood shutters are ideal for kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms since they have a great number of functional features such as light control, thermal regulation and privacy. Call us now and we will provide you with the necessary information and excellent service that will help you transform your house and make it efficient and beautiful.

indesignblinds Basswood
indesignblinds Basswood
indesignblinds Basswood