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Roman Blinds

Benefits of Roman Blinds

Roman blinds, are one of the most stylish ways to dress up a window. They can be used as a standalone window treatment fitted outside the window or fitted inside the window recess and combined with roller blinds and pelmets for a layered look. Roman blinds can be made by combining any fabrics of your choice or from a wide range of colours and styles available. For a more traditional feel, roman blinds are perfect as they will also give you that elegant look.

Key features:

  • No Sew process means no pin holes in the fabric 
  • Simple & Functional to operate the blind
  • Complete free of stitch holes and prevents maximum penetration
  • Without the bulk and weight of other Roman blind styles
  • Ecologic blind fabrics available
  • Available with Translucent fabric allowing privacy without compromising the natural light entering the home environment
  • Available in blackout fabric allowing complete absorption of light
  • Traditional style combined with contemporary features allows to create a feeling of luxury and elegance in any room
  • Different types of fabrics allow to achieve privacy, prevent heat loss and block out the sunlight
  • Timeless design makes the blinds universal and multifunctional
  • Easy maintenance and excellent durability
  • Tailor made to fit any type of windows.

A very fashionable way of dressing up a window, Roman blinds can be fashioned from by combining any fabrics and used in conjunction with roller blinds and pelmets can be given a layered look.

An attractive range of Roman blinds which combines the luxurious appeal of soft furnishings and draperies with the operating benefits of a traditional blind. Available in more than 20 fabric styles and 100 different colour options, these high-quality Blinds enable you to create a perfect match to your interior design. Standard and blackout linings are also available for added light control. Through ingenious design and efficient production, Roman Shades delivers this high-fashion elegance without the high price tag – an incredible value in shading systems.

Roman blinds are usually made of textile fabrics therefore their look will especially appeal to those customers who value traditional design and want to create a warm atmosphere inside their houses. Roman blind in simple terms is a piece of cloth that matches the width and height of a window. What makes it different from ordinary curtains are the rods which are sewn into the fabric at equal intervals. Such approach allows to get nice and smooth folds when the blind is pulled up or down with a hand operated cord.

Roman blinds look great both on large and small windows. This accessory is truly universal since there is a large number of options to choose from. Roman blinds offered by inDesign can differ in colour, texture, size and shape of folds, however the general principle always remains the same.

Roman blinds were initially created by the Mediterranean people many centuries ago and since then they migrated to Australia and the rest of the world. Nowadays, InDesign has managed to preserve the elements of original Roman blinds, tailoring them to every customer in order to create comfort and elegance.

The clean delicate lines and folds of Roman blinds give a liberal appearance without the heavy and even sometimes cumbersome look that is so often created by conventional curtains. Roman blinds have for quite some time been the solution for anyone willing to add style and extravagance to their home or just decorate their windows with a covering that perfectly copes with blocking unnecessary light from the outside. InDesign is one of the top sellers of Roman blinds in Australia, so you won’t be amazed to find that we have an extensive variety of colours, materials, styles and designs, all superbly made to meet all your needs.

One of the best advantages that you get from tailor-made Roman blinds is the delicate and soft feeling that they add to any interior. Roman blinds are particularly effective for rooms with a strong focus on style, for example living rooms or bedrooms. Roman blinds will make any area look sophisticated and refined. These simple constructions that are very easy to operate will serve you for many years, since their durability is almost limitless. Roman blinds are still viewed as one of the most exquisite solutions for covering of windows and other openings. They create a distinguished ambience that speaks of the owner’s rich aesthetic taste and makes any guest feel comfortable and relaxed.

inDesign offers an immense range of designs and styles. Our specialists constantly work on adding new fabrics, colours and patterns to meet your expectations. If you find yourself puzzled with the variety of choices, you should first decide on the general appearance of the blinds. Once you do this, you can begin thinking about the details. Start with the type of fabrics to narrow down all possible alternatives. Basically, you can select from cotton, silk, linen and polyester. All of them have their special characteristic features, so if you are unsure about which type of fabric will best suit your design and requirements, you can always count on our specialists that will give you advice and help find your way around all possible options that are available in our catalogue. Next, choose your favourite colour and pattern. Pay special attention to decorations that are present in your room, since they can point you to make the right choice. Most frequently, our clients prefer to buy Roman blinds performed in solid colours, however if you would like to have a floral pattern, geometric figures or something more abstract, InDesign can help make your wishes come true. You can also order free samples which will help you understand how this or that colour looks in your room and whether the pattern you selected fits your interior design. Our company will do everything to help you make your ultimate choice without any unnecessary fuss and troubles.

There are also other details that need to be taken into consideration. Roman shades are presented in two variations – hobbled and standard. Hobbled shade, sometimes also referred to as lopped shade, is created so that each fold overlays the previous one. Hobbled Roman shades keep this cascading appearance in lowered as well as raised states. The standard shade has a pleated design and is made of a single piece of material that hangs over the window, giving a smooth cover that creates a casual and simple look. There is also another point that is worth mentioning. Roman blinds can be supplemented with blackout lining that allows to control the amount of light coming from outside. Additionally, lining helps to keep the temperature inside the building as it acts like an insulator in winter and in summer. InDesign offers a wide variety of lined shades that have special operable liners which allow to raise and to lower the blackout material independently of the Roman shade itself. Finally, InDesign Roman blinds are equipped with a continuous cord loop system or a chain loop system. Both are quite manoeuvrable and easy to operate. The first option will be perfect for relatively large windows such as terrace windows, while the second one will be more suitable for waist-high or small windows.

Roman Shades from inDesign are offered with a unique palette of modern colours, patterns and fabrics that were created to improve your room décor and add luxury to your house. Our Roman Shades will make your living area private and help you control the light with the greatest variety of blackout and light filtering alternatives. inDesign shades will blend naturally into the walls of your room, making the furnishings, floors and accessories shine as never before.