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Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds

InDesign roller blinds are one of the most popular choices nowadays since they offer perfect design, privacy and convenience at a minimum cost. These window treatments will give a trendy look to any interior and at the same time will serve as an ideal shading solution. 

InDesign roller blinds come in a variety colours and designs and can be tailor made to fit any décor. The versatile selection of fabrics and materials can also improve the shading efficiency. You can choose either screen, translucent or blackout fabrics which makes roller blinds ideal for installation in any room.

Roller blinds can be equipped with a motorized or a chain driven system both of which are very efficient and easy to operate. Such simplicity will allow to gain control over the lighting in any room thus creating a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. inDesign roller blinds can be also assembled on a smart Dual Bracket System that will make it possible to adjust the light with one simple chain control.

Key features:

  • Aesthetic appearance and fresh design;
  • Wide range of colours, textures and fabrics;
  • Universal in application;
  • Made to measure, easy to install and maintain;
  • Simple in operation.

The structural simplicity and ease of operation have made roller blinds one of the most popular window accessories in Australian homes. Today, roller blinds are considered to be one the most efficient ways to control heat and light that comes from the outside, since they allow partial or complete blockout of the sun. However, it is not only the functionality which appeals to many clients but also the clean and uncluttered appearance which enhances the beauty of any house interior. If you want your rooms to look warm and inviting, then you should definitely choose InDesign roller blinds. Our products will certainly suit your needs since they vary in colours, fabrics, textures and designs.

Some people may argue that roller blinds are a throwback to the seventies but we are ready to prove you that modern roller blinds can be a perfect choice for you. First of all, let us give you a better picture of what roller blinds actually are. A roller blind can be described as a window cover that consists of a piece of fabric which when elevated turns around a roller mechanism (i.e. a hollow tube) in order to create an opening of different size. Roller blinds are so popular since they are relatively inexpensive, provide privacy, keep the rooms cool during the summer and block sun glare. Usually, roller blinds are installed in the kitchens and bathrooms, however due to the rich palette of colours and all possible control options that we offer, roller blinds can become an excellent solution for any area of your house.

Now let us consider the benefits of roller blinds that will help you make an informed decision:


Roller blinds are a perfect choice if you are looking for window coverings whose design and construction are simple and functional at the same time. As a rule, modern roller blinds stick closely to the window since their fabric hangs behind the roller mechanism (i.e. closer to the window itself). Such construction allows to create perfect lines and achieve complete control over the light that comes from the outside. On the other hand, cheap roller blinds are sometimes constructed in a way so that their fabrics hang closer to the interior of the room. This creates an unnecessary gap between the blind and the window which considerably downsizes the efficiency and beauty of the blind. InDesign roller blinds will always stick closely to the window thus creating an appealing look and fitting nicely into the overall design of your rooms.


Another huge advantage of roller blinds is their flexibility which is ensured by the choice of fabrics. The range of materials includes translucent, sunscreen as well as blockout fabrics all of which can be exclusively designed with regards to your favourite colours and textures. If you are looking for something to block the annoying sun glare and harmful UV rays, then sunscreen fabric will be your best solution. If you want to block the light completely and create an atmosphere of privacy and darkness, then you should opt for blockout fabrics. If none of the above suits your requirements, you should go for the standard translucent fabric that can offer a combination of both options.


Roller blinds are truly one of the easiest kinds of window treatments to operate since they can be equipped with different operating systems that include spring assisted, motorised and chain driven roller blinds. If you choose the last two options, you can have all your blinds linked together. This will make it possible to open and close multiple blinds at the same time without reaching to each construction individually. Such approach will be especially convenient for someone who has lots of furniture in front of the blinds.


Customers always look for high quality which includes various aspects with durability being one of the most important. Durability of roller blinds is ensured by the steel tubes, excellent fabrics and the best operating systems. Having purchased InDesign roller blinds, you can be sure that they will function the same as new even after ten or more years. Moreover, the blinds we offer will not fade from the sun since all materials we use have been previously treated to resist ultraviolet rays.

Versatile, functional and stylish, InDesign roller blinds will become an excellent window accessory for your home. All of our products are made-to-measure to meet your individual requirements. We use only high-quality fabrics and hardware to achieve the best look and individual style. Our collection of roller blinds includes hundreds of textures, colours and designs that range from classic to contemporary styles. Whether the appearance you want is simple or extravagant, InDesign roller blinds will always look fantastic.

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