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Panel blinds are the newest and one of the most demanded and popular blinds in Melbourne. They consist of several fabric panels which are fitted into a special track system. The panels stack behind each other when the blind is retracted and glide to form a continuous covering when the blind is extended. Panel blinds are usually installed over sliding glass doors or large windows and are able to cover areas over 10 meters. The panels can be made from sizes as small as 200mm and up to and over 1000mm. In general, panel blinds can offer you multiple benefits such as light control, energy efficiency and privacy. They can be both effective and stylish for any type of the building.

The mechanism of panel blinds is very simple. They can be opened and closed in any way you want with a special control wand which pulls all panels in the desired direction. You can also order a motorized version to make operation even simpler. Automated panel blinds are particularly convenient for extra large windows, as well as patio and sliding doors, since you get an opportunity to shade the room in just one click of a button.

Panel blinds can be perfect for practically all types of windows because they offer elegant and smooth shading without any unnecessary details. If you are looking for a minimalistic design combined with an effective way to control the sunlight, then you should definitely consider panel blinds. If you are still hesitating, then you should take a look at the list of benefits which these unique window treatments can offer:

  • Panel blinds are efficient for light control and shading.

    Totally closed panel blinds allow to block the sun and shade the whole room without any efforts, however when partial shading is more desirable, some or all panels can be stacked behind each other to allow any amount of sunlight flood into your space.
  • Panel blinds are able to save energy and reduce your expenses.

    If you choose the right type of fabrics, you can increase your energy efficiency by 25%. It means that your rooms will stay cooler during hot summer days so that you will not need to use such cooling devices as fans or air conditioners. The same energy efficiency principle applies to cold seasons during which your room temperature will also stay higher than usual.

  • Panel blinds can provide extreme privacy and satisfying comfort.

    Panel tracks are a great way to cover your windows and thus avoid the looks of casual passersby. Depending on the type of fabrics you choose, you can achieve various degrees of privacy. For example, semi-transparent materials will allow partial view from the window when the blinds are closed, whereas blackout fabrics will provide total privacy. As you can see, all panel blinds provide privacy which cannot be compared with that offered by other types of window furnishings.
  • Panel blinds offer elegant style with slight touches of minimalism.

    We are experts when it comes to designs and styles. We can offer a wide selection of colours, textures and materials to make your blinds ideal for the interior theme of your rooms. Our specialists can take free measurements and provide their experience in order to craft efficient and stylish window treatments for your home or business.

  • Panel blinds are very simple in maintenance.

    In comparison to other window treatments, panel blinds are very easy to clean and maintain. All you need to do is wipe them with a damp piece of cloth and let them dry naturally. In rare cases of breakdowns, you can call us and we will send a professional who will fix everything in mere hours.

Panel blinds extremely diverse in application. They can be mounted onto sliding doors which is very convenient since you will not need to open the blind prior to opening the door. Also, panel blinds are ideal for oversize façade windows. Using one motorized blind instead of several smaller ones will save you time and efforts. Finally, panel blinds can be used as room dividers. Our specialists can install panel tracks on the ceiling so that you get a flexible room divider which accommodates convenient division of available area. Sheer fabrics will allow to divide the area while still preserving the feeling of openness, whereas heavier types of fabric will offer more privacy and sense of isolation. Panel blinds are truly multifunctional and
If you want your rooms to have a contemporary and exquisite look, then you should choose panel blinds. This simple addition to your living space or business area will create a comfortable atmosphere and provide efficient shading solution that is hard to compare to anything else. Once you install panel blinds, you will realize how cumbersome and bulky your old-fashioned curtains were. Now that you know why it is worth to invest in panel track blinds, you can simply contact our team to get expert information about shapes, sizes, fabrics and control systems Simply call us or write an email and we will do the rest!

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