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All people like skylight windows. Right? They flood the room with so much light that it becomes possible to transform a dull attic into a bright sunny vale. However, skylight windows have a dark side as well. In case you did not know this and have already installed skylights at home or in a business facility, you can eventually encounter high energy bills and get rooms which are worse than hell at certain points of the day. Still, this does not mean that you need to board up those windows and set up artificial light, since inDesign Blinds offers you indoor skylight treatments that will help you get the best of both worlds – plenty of daylight and on-demand shading.

Indoor skylight blinds are very efficient since they can be made in different sizes and specifications. Prior to installation, our specialists will take all necessary measurements and discuss possible designs so that you get the best window treatments. Our skylight blinds can be installed on windows with any angle since our latest tension system prevents them from sagging and crumpling. This approach together with the best fabrics currently available on the market will provide privacy and light control as well as protect the space against heat and UV light.

Customers who chose to install skylight blinds report many advantages which have greatly improved their life. If you take a look at the list of benefits below, you will soon realize that your attic rooms can be improved in more than just one way:

  • Aesthetics.

    Visual appeal is one of the most important factors when buying new window coverings. Due to their versatility, skylight blinds can be tailor made to fit and enhance any interior décor. In order to buy the best skylight blinds, you always have to keep a few things in mind. First, you need to think about the type and purpose of the room in which these window treatments will be used. Also, be careful with the decoration styles of your new window coverings which can be anything from traditional to high-tech. Finally, keep an eye on the materials, since they will determine not just the look but also the efficiency of your blinds.
  • Light control.

    Another benefit which comes with using skylight window treatments is that they allow to filter natural sunlight which enters your rooms through the windows. In case you want to create complete darkness, you can use blackout fabrics which allows to cover the window and thus prevent the light from getting into the room. It will allow you to sleep peacefully during the day or watch a movie on a large screen without annoying glare.

  • Energy efficiency.

    It is a scientifically proven fact that window blinds and shades are good insulators. When the temperature outside is extremely high, skylight blinds, like any other types of window coverings, will prevent heat from getting into the room. In the same way, during cold seasons the heat from the inside will not leak, thus maintaining warmth and comfort inside of your house. All this discards the need to use special cooling or heating devices, which in its turn can cut your energy bills by almost 30%.
  • Noise insulation.

    This benefit is also very important for those people who have skylight windows in bedrooms or other rooms that are meant for sleep and relaxation. Skylight blinds with thick fabrics will allow to reduce the outside noise by up to 25%. Thus, you will be able to get quality sleep and stay in a good mood during the whole day.

  • Privacy.

    This benefit is essential for calm and relaxed life without any intruders and nosy neighbours. However, some may argue that when it comes to skylight windows, the need to hide your activities from other people becomes unnecessary. If you are one of those people, we urge you to think deeper and avoid making prompt decisions, since there are many homes which are situated near high-rise buildings. This inconvenience combined with skylight blinds will turn your house into a real fish tank open for everyone’s eyes. In this case, our skylight blinds will help you to keep your life private and stop worrying about someone peeping into your windows.
  • Versatility.

    inDesign Blinds offers a lot of colours, textures, materials and styles to make your room look astonishing and bright. Our designers specialize in custom made solutions and will gladly offer you their expertise to enhance the beauty of your home or business area. Additionally, we offer many types of fabrics from sheer to blackout. They will allow to achieve various degrees of light control as well as heat and noise insulation.

Skylight blinds offered by inDesign Blinds can become a unique addition to your room which offers privacy, beauty, insulation and energy efficiency. If you are ready to place an order, call us now and we will send a specialist to take measures and provide you with free consultations.

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