Roman Blinds


Roman blinds are usually made of textile fabrics therefore their look will especially appeal to those customers who value traditional design and want to create a warm atmosphere inside their houses. Roman blind in simple terms is a piece of cloth that matches the width and height of a window. What makes it different from ordinary curtains are the rods which are sewn into the fabric at equal intervals. Such approach allows to get nice and smooth folds when the blind is pulled up or down with a hand operated cord.

Roman blinds look great both on large and small windows. This accessory is truly universal since there is a large number of options to choose from. Roman blinds offered by inDesign can differ in colour, texture, size and shape of folds, however the general principle always remains the same.

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Key features:

  • Traditional style combined with contemporary features allows to create a feeling of luxury and elegance in any room;
  • Different types of fabrics allow to achieve privacy, prevent heat loss and block out the sunlight;
  • Timeless design makes the blinds universal and multifunctional;
  • Easy maintenance and excellent durability;
  • Tailor made to fit any type of windows.


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