Roller Blinds


InDesign roller blinds are one of the most popular choices nowadays since they offer perfect design, privacy and convenience at a minimum cost. These window treatments will give a trendy look to any interior and at the same time will serve as an ideal shading solution.

InDesign roller blinds come in a variety colours and designs and can be tailor made to fit any décor. The versatile selection of fabrics and materials can also improve the shading efficiency. You can choose either screen, translucent or blackout fabrics which makes roller blinds ideal for installation in any room.

Roller blinds can be equipped with a motorized or a chain driven system both of which are very efficient and easy to operate. Such simplicity will allow to gain control over the lighting in any room thus creating a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. inDesign roller blinds can be also assembled on a smart Dual Bracket System that will make it possible to adjust the light with one simple chain control.


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