Single/Double Honeycomb Blinds

Honeycomb blinds also known as cellular blinds are very popular among Australian homeowners since they offer efficient regulation of sunlight, privacy and thermal control for any type of window. They are marked by their accordion shape and outstanding ability to block light. In more exact terms, single- and double-cell honeycomb blinds are made of fabric which is sewn together to form tubular cells. Many people, however, ask whether honeycomb blinds are the best window treatments for their homes and cannot find the answer since everything is not that straightforward.

There are many benefits that honeycomb blinds can offer and we are now going to look at them in detail:

  • Enhanced insulation and thermal control.

    This feature can help to save a lot of energy. Long open spaces which are formed due to the special structure of these blinds can trap air and thus keep the room cool during the summer and warm during the winter. In fact, it has been measured that after installation of single-cell honeycomb blinds the R-value (the ability to resist heat transfer) can double which means that your rooms will stay more energy efficient and you will be able to cut your energy bills. You can get this value even higher, if you install double-cell honeycomb shades which are manufactured according to a special design. Double honeycombs are made of twin cells that are stacked and intertwined to provide even better insulating properties than single honeycombs.

  • Complete privacy.

    Honeycomb blinds can offer you privacy unless you select a transparent fabric which is also offered by InDesign Blinds. People who do not like prying neighbours and prefer to feel relaxed in their own houses will find cellular blinds to be the most efficient. We also manufacture top-down/bottom-up blinds that can be elevated to the ceiling or dropped to the window sill, which is very convenient for partial shading.
  • Regulation of natural light.

    It is yet another benefit which comes with cellular blinds. inDesign Blinds offers transparent(sheer), semi-opaque as well as opaque fabrics thus catering to different requirements. If you are looking for the possibility to create complete darkness inside of your rooms, then you should pay your attention to our blackout fabrics. They are very efficient for those people, who like to sleep during the day or need to work without natural sunlight (black-and-white analogue photographers, for example).

  • Safety and convenience.

    Apart from all of the above mentioned features, inDesign Blinds has also designed a special cordless operating model, that offers complete child and pet safety. You do not need to worry anymore that your little kids will get tangled since these blinds are fully automated. Moreover, all of our cellular blinds can virtually disappear behind a decorative valance, which means that they will not obstruct the view from the window.

Having said that, we feel it is necessary to mention some drawbacks of cellular blinds. One of the features which gets complained about the most is their appearance. It is true that the accordion style of honeycomb blinds was not designed for luxurious parlours and stylish windows. Instead it is valued for the ability to provide light regulation, privacy and energy efficiency. However, since these window coverings perfectly cope with their job, many house owners prefer to use honeycomb blinds together with other types of blinds which are more decorative and fashionable. Moreover, unlike blinds that consist of slats, honeycomb blinds are not able to provide partial light control and privacy. You will not be able to leave little gaps to let only some light get in since honeycomb blinds can be either up or down. This makes cellular blinds a less versatile option, however they can still be very efficient if you combine two different types of fabrics, for example a sheer fabric and an opaque fabric. Such combination will allow you to keep your view during the day and get privacy during the night.

There is no denying the fact that honeycomb blinds are ideal for bedrooms, media rooms or studies due to their enhanced properties. inDesign Blinds offers many options for those customers who decide to buy cellular shading solutions. For example, you can order double honeycomb blinds, motorized blinds as well as pleated cellular blinds all of which can be tailor made to meet your requirements and expectations. In any case, you will get a marvellous window covering with lots of useful features like the ability to regulate light, control heat and enjoy privacy that are so important for convenient and happy life.

Call us now and our team will measure your windows, offer some popular designs and make necessary adjustments to provide you with astonishing and breath-taking blinds that will serve you for decades. Our company offers many colour palettes, textures and materials which can be used to match the style of the room and enhance the décor regardless of what many people say. We are sure that with the right approach and proper designer solutions your honeycomb blinds will make your house look beautiful and elegant.

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