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Indoor Venetian blinds are one of the trendiest shading solutions in Australia since they are extremely convenient and can provide lots of benefits from control of light to improvement of décor. If you are looking for elegant shades which are simple in design and can offer many useful features, then Venetian blinds by inDesign Blinds may be the best way to go.

Venetian indoor window treatments can be used in various situations. They are usually mounted onto small and medium-sized windows, as well as large facade windows, doors or glass partitions. Venetian indoor blinds are preferred by many people because they are able to create a truly unique atmosphere and protect your home against the sun and looks of other people. Venetian blinds are simple in design which means that they can fit in any room with any type of décor.

Venetian blinds are extremely easy in operation because their mechanism and structure has been improved for many centuries. In fact, Venetian blinds are manufactured of long narrow slats that stack on top of each other if the blind is elevated and extend forming narrow openings if the blind is dropped down. The width of the openings can be regulated with a control cord which changes the angle of the slats. If you angle them down, they would normally block all the light from the outside. If you place the slats parallel to each other, they will allow more light to enter. Such system allows to have better control over the light in comparison with other types of shades which have to be either raised or lowered to achieve the same result.

In general, Venetian blinds possess many useful features such as:

  • Versatile design.

    This is perhaps the biggest benefit which Venetian blinds can offer. Due to many types of materials and colours, Venetian blinds can look great in any home, be it a rural cottage or an ultra-modern urban house. Venetian blinds can be manufactured from plastic, wood or aluminium, all of which offer great insulating and noise suppressing properties. Along with the material, our company can also adjust the width of slats which can be super narrow or extremely wide. Finally, inDesign Blinds offers a wide selection of colours which can be chosen to match the general theme of your rooms.
  • Ease of installation.

    Venetian blinds offered by inDesign Blinds are quite easy to install. They can be made to suit any type of window, regardless of its shape and size. This means that you should forget about clumsy blinds which do not match your window openings and stick out further than it is necessary.

  • Low maintenance.

    Venetian blinds are known to be great dust collectors, however, this should not scare you since this problem can be easily solves. Typically, Venetian blinds need to be wiped once or twice a month with a soft damp or dry cloth to keep them clean and good looking. You can also use a duster which will make the whole work even easier. It is also worth to mention that Venetian blinds are extremely low maintenance, which means that you will not need to paint or varnish them every year to keep them looking their best. inDesign Blinds offers only the best shades and blinds and Venetian blinds are no exception. They will serve you for many decades without loss of quality.
  • Light filtering and thermal control.

    Venetian blinds are ideal for blocking out as well as partial filtering of the light which comes through your windows and doors. Due to the special design, you can adjust the angle of slats to achieve the optimal amount of natural light. In addition, inDesign Venetian blinds perfectly cope with thermal regulation inside of your house. Installation of Venetian blinds makes it possible to save up to 20% of energy because they are able to prevent heat loss during cold seasons and maintain cool temperature inside of your rooms during warm seasons.

  • Privacy.

    Venetian blinds are also very efficient when it comes to personal privacy. If compared to other types of shades, Venetian blinds can offer more convenience since you do not need lower or raise the blinds in order to make your rooms private. You can adjust the angle of the slats and create openings of different sizes to achieve various degrees of sun filtering as well as prevent nosy neighbours from looking into your house.

Whatever reasons you may have for buying Venetian blinds, you will not regret your decision. With the range of benefits described above, it is impossible to go past these magnificent window treatments. They are able to add beauty, refinement and style to your rooms and transform your whole home into a pleasant place for life. If you are ready to place your order now, we will be happy to handle it within the shortest time possible. Our team of experts will provide you with a fast and reliable service which will leave you feeling completely satisfied.

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