Double Roller Blinds


inDesign double roller blinds are a real hit on the market since they allow to combine two fabrics in the same shading construction with the help of a Dual Bracket System. The idea behind this concept is very simple – you can control two different fabrics independently and in effect have two roller blinds instead of one. Such approach greatly improves the efficiency since it allows to enjoy soft light during the day and total privacy during the night without any additional accessories.

Double fabrics also help to enhance insulating properties. As a result, it will save you energy and cut your bills. All these features make double roller blinds offered by inDesign a really good investment which is worth its money.

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Key features:

  • Two blinds on one window to achieve maximum shading efficiency;
  • Separate control over each blind;
  • Doubled thermal efficiency;
  • Great selection of fabrics and designs that offer contemporary look;
  • Universal in application;
  • Made to measure, easy to install and maintain;
  • Simple in operation.


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