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Double Cell - Honeycomb Blinds

Double Cell - Honeycomb Blinds

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Double Cell - Honeycomb Blinds
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Honeycomb double cell has two layers of hexagonal cells for even better temperature control. Choose from fabrics in several light-filtering and blackout versions. Honeycomb double cell is also available with fire-retardant fabric. The outside can be a uniform colour, while the inside can be as unique as the room they are placed in. All honeycomb blinds come with free-hanging installation and can be easily operated with cords. All Honeycomb double cell fabrics insulate and block damaging UV-RAYS that fade upholstery. Made from durable polyester with a unique cellular design, they act as a barrier to drafty windows during the winter. Fabric will not fray or fade, highly durable, washable and dust resistant.

Key Benefits

  • Provide excellent insulation
  • No visible cord holes
  • Available in wide widths to cover large windows
  • No seams or overlaps
  • White backing provides a uniform appearance to the outside
  • A variety of control options for operating versatility
  • Easy care and maintenance
  • Durable
  • Soft & Modern look
  • Suits Contemporary or Classical Décor.
  • Fabric wont fade or fray


  • Powder coated base rails
  • Big Variety of colours & Fabric Patterns
  • Suitable for Skylight application & Cathedral Windows
  • Efficient insulator very attractive and contemporary look.
  • Duo tone colouring allowing offices and unit blocks to have uniform look outside but a unique look inside.

Popular Applications of Double Cell - Honeycomb Blinds

Bedroom , Living room, Dining room, Doors / Sidelights , Child's room, Skylights, Specialty windows

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